Hello my name is Breauna, I am 18 years old, and a HUGE swiftie! I am from Florida, and I have a passion for Taylor Swift. I became a swiftie the moment my parents bought me the fearless album for my 14th birthday and as I danced to each song around my room, THAT was the moment I fell in love with Taylor and her beautiful voice and songs. And to this day, I am STILL a swiftie! I never met Taylor, or unfortunately never attended any of her amazing concerts :( But I hope one day I will be able to receive that dream. Taylor's songs mean SO much to me! She taught me about life, love, boys, haters, and how to dance in the rain. If it wasn't for Taylor Alison Swift, I wouldn't be the girl I am today. I look at Taylor like a long lost sister, she means absolutely EVERYTHING to me. Her music is like the oxygen I breathe, and her smiles means the world to me. I just really love Taylor, and I will FOREVER & ALWAYS be a swiftie standing by her side.


I love you Taylor.

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    On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 11:53 AM, ShiftySwifty said:

    Hi so just wanted to say l really love your profile!

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    I really love your icon

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    I huff:(

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    Hi. :-)

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    On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 4:16 AM, kaori13 said:

    yeah! Harry Potter is amazing! who don't like harry potter?
    oh, I was not saying, I have many books i want to read but I have litle time to read. but now I'm gonna read the hunger games 3! when i first read the 1, there was no 2 or 3 in Japan :( so I've waied for a long time!
    hey, how's your life?

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    Yaa..Where are you?? thank goodness..muhahah:))

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    what happened?

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