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Hello everyone! I’m EmmaLou13, 17 years old and live in the UK, and just like everyone else on this site, I love Taylor Swift!
Taylor is my role model. Why? - Because, she is so inspirational. The things that she writes about in her songs help so many people. Taylor has shown me that it’s ok to be different, and to follow your dreams!

How I became a Swiftie:
I first became a Swiftie in 2011. I was listening to the radio, and Love Story came on, after the song finished the man on the radio said that it was by Taylor Swift. I remember thinking "I don't know who she is, but I love that song!".
One of my friends had two albums called Fearless and Speak Now and she recommended I listened to them. I then knew that I was in love with Taylor Swift’s music! I then kept going on YouTube, and watched as many videos and performances from Taylor as possible. I then brought her three albums: Taylor Swift, Fearless and Speak Now. I've listened to them constantly ever since!

Taylor Connect:
I have been a part of Taylor Connect for a long time now, I joined the old TC in 2011, however the website closed down, and after that I couldn't make a new account. But In August 2012 I was finally able to make a new account! I've been here ever since :)
I’ve made so many friends on TC, all of which are so lovely and kind and I’m so glad TC has introduced me to so many lovely people!
All of Taylor's songs are beautiful in one way or another. There are songs I can relate to more than others, but I love all of Taylor’s songs! My favourites are: Long Live and Red.

I got tickets through the TC presale to go and see Taylor Swift on her Red Tour in London at the O2 Arena on 1st February 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was the BEST experience of my life! I was very lucky as I had really good seats and when Taylor walked to the B-stage she walked past my block, looked at me and waved! It was a night I shall never ever ever forget, like ever! You can read my tour experience here:

About me:
I never know what to say about myself, so I will just sum up a few points:
- I’m 16 and have now finished school. I’m small and I don’t care, small is cool :P
- Jealous of Taylor Swifts looks, seriously she is so perfect why can’t I look like that!?
- Hoping to work with children as my future carer, whether it is in a primary school or a nursery, but I change my mind like every 5 minutes so by the next time I update my profile I will probably be doing something completely different!
- My family and friends mean a lot to me, I’ve got the most supportive family, and the most amazing group of friends.
- Shy with people I don’t know that well, confident around people I know and trust.
- I worry pretty much about everything!
- I like to be here for people and am always happy to talk to anyone, if you want some advice or just a general chat! I love to make friends, so please send a friend request!
- Love to be a happy, cheery person who loves to have a laugh! Can get moody and have an “attitude” but hay-ho!

Taylor Swift is my all time favourite artist, however other music I am into include:
- Ed Sheeran: I was lucky enough to see him at The Red Tour in London, he was the special guest on the 1st February 2014, and Ed and Taylor sung Lego House, it was amazing! I love his two albums + and X. My favourite songs include: A Team; You Need Me I Don’t Need You; Drunk; Wake Me Up; Lego House; Sing; Don’t; Photograph and Take it Back.
- Little Mix: New Little Mix fan, lucky enough to be going to see them on the 26th July 2014, and I can’t wait! Love both their albums DNA and Salute. My favourite songs include: Salute; Move and Going Nowhere.

Shout outs:
- Uroosa13Swift : Uroosa is my TC best friend! I have been friends with Uroosa for over a year and a half now. Not only is Uroosa my TC best friend, I would also call her one of my best friends in real life. She has been there for me this whole time, and I couldn’t thank her enough for being there for me this whole time, and listening to me going on and on about pointless stuff! Uroosa has helped me get through so much, she has constantly been there for me, and always gives me the best advice! With her help and of course with the help of Taylor, I was fearless enough to tell the guy I liked that I liked him. So thank you Uroosa for helping me get through that! I couldn’t thank her enough for everything, she never fails to make me laugh and to cheer me up! I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful friendship with an amazing girl! We haven’t met in real life, but there is still time and I know that one day we will, and we have already planned it all!
If you are not already friends with Uroosa, please go and add her as a friend. She is such a wonderful person who will be a great friend and will make you laugh! Thank you so much for being a great friend Uroosa!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!! (Mr Green & King Bob – cuz we’re cool like that!) .

(^^ this is the flawless graphic she made me! love her so much!!)

(^^Uroosa also made me this! She is so sweet! I love her so much! Thank you babes!!)

Uroosa also made me these beautiful birthday graphics for my 16th birthday!:

Another shoutout to my buddy Michel, he is so awesome and amazing! He gives me great advice, and helps me and always finds a way to cheer me up! Our long conversations are great! Add him as a friend because he is awesome! Thanks for being there for me Michel!

Also thank you to everyone on the UK forum, been friends with many of them since I joined TC and they are all so brilliant, so thanks for being my friends, and so sorry I never come on chatzy, I will come on it one day and surprise you all!

Thank you to everyone on TC, I have met many amazing friends since I joined nearly 2 years ago!

So that’s about it, so thank you for reading! I love to make new friends and talk to as many of you as possible!
Bye bye x

Love me? Great. Hate me? Even Better. Think I am ugly? Don't look at me. Don't know me. Don't judge me. Think you know me? You have no idea!

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    On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 1:45 PM, CS_1999 said:

    Omg I love Ed and Little Mix! So excited for Little Mix album 3 I can't wait any longer! Love your profile btw I'm Chloe :)

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    On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 10:00 PM, Jesher said:

    Hello there! Love your profile picture! The music video for Blank Space is so amazing!

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    On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 3:18 PM, stateoffGrace said:

    HI Emma long time no see hope your well
    Did u see Ed on X Factor tonight such good song?

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    I'm good, thanks for asking :) how has your weekend been?

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    Hey Emma, how are you? :) We haven't chatted in ages!

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    On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 3:27 AM, Zakh said:

    Hi. You are wondering why I added you. Well, your name is actually a combination of my best friend's name (Lou) and my ideal name (Emma). :)

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    Cant believe today happened <3

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