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Hi, I’m Ryan! I’m the magical number 14! I know I have a boy name, but I love it because of how unique it. Quite frankly I think I am pretty unique. I don’t really want to bore you with a life story so I think I’ll just share a few things about me.

I became a Swiftie in 2009. I had gotten her Fearless album for my birthday and I liked to listen to it. I soon went into searching more about this Taylor Swift. I listened to all the music videos she had out and constantly listened to the Fearless Album in my room. Then one day after school my mom told me we were going to go to an autograph signing. I didn’t care so much but, then she told me it was actually a Taylor Swift concert. I was so happy and after that night I became a HUGE, GIGANTIC, MAJOR Swiftie.
 photo tumblr_mn3owhjJ3c1r0dmavo1_500_zps4c6ed65a.png
^Thank You Taylor!
 photo tumblr_mi1oz4uAny1qhz8izo1_500_zps86b8dbc4.gif
^Like Best Person Ever!
 photo tumblr_m612bkZa9a1rz6aneo1_r4_500.gif
^Pure Perfection

Taylor Swift/Gloriana/Kellie Pickler on the Fearless Tour: 10.08.09
Taylor Swift/Hunter Hayes/Needtobreathe on the Speak Now Tour: 7.29.11
Taylor Swift/Brett Eldridge/Ed Sheeran on the Red Tour: 4.26.13
Taylor Swift/Shawn Mendes/Vance Joy on the 1989 World Tour: 7.18.15
Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour: 11.10.09
Jonas Brothers/Camp Rock Tour: 8.8.10
KISS at the State Fair: 8.16.10
Hunter Hayes/Dan + Shay: 8.10.14
One Direction/5SOS Where We Are Tour: 8.16.14 and 8.30.14
Ed Sheeran X World Tour: 6.29.15
One Direction On The Road Again Tour: 7.31.15
5SOS Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour: 8.22.15

I love music. It has been very important in my life. I don’t think I would be as happy as I am if I didn’t have it. I am learning to play guitar by myself. I was influenced to do this because of Taylor, Niall, and my mom. I listen to many different types of music. I tend to like a whole bunch of random songs that I hear on the radio. I do have a few favorite artists though. I am, along with Taylor Swift, also a HUGE One Direction fan. Taylor Swift and One Direction are the two main people(s) I listen too. I am also a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, Ed Sheeran, The Vamps, Hunter Hayes, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez. I also like a few songs from Demi Lovato and Kacey Musgraves. I LOVE to go to concerts! I have been to six so far and will be going to two in August this year. I have been to all three major tours Taylor has had. I went to her Fearless Tour on October 8, 2009 and got seats close to B-Stage where I could have almost hugged Taylor. I went to her Speak Now World Tour and got horrible seats but, who knew Taylor would notice me and my friend. She waved to both of us at the end of Love Story where she was in that balcony. And I got to experience the Red Tour in the best way possible. I got Pit Tickets and at the beginning of Love Story she touched my mom’s hand but not mine. I cried. I think she saw me cry though because when she ran back at the end of Love Story she smiled and touched my hand. I have also seen The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato live together on one of their tours, KISS at our state’s State Fair, and Miley Cyrus which was supposed to be my very first concert, but Taylor’s show for her Fearless Tour ended up being before then. I'm seeing Hunter Hayes on August 9 with a friend of mine at our Stare Fair. I can't wait to see him! He's so talented! Finally, on August 16 my mom and I are driving to Detroit to see One Direction for the first time. I was originally supposed to go to Chicago, but couldn't get good seats so we looked at Detroit. We got really good seats. I'm so grateful that my mom understood how badly I wanted to see them she was willing to drive all the way there just for me.
 photo tumblr_mkfe6tw2OO1rw3mzro1_500_zpsb7b992ed.gif
^My favorite album!
 photo Taylor-Swift-gifs-13-taylor-swift-30510157-500-228_zps089c78e5.gif
^How I really play guitar
Sparkly Guitar photo tumblr_lyuhbkyTOn1r8ej1co1_500_zps2131395d.gif
^How I hope to play guitar
 photo tumblr_mla7ebn2OB1r5k3ibo1_500_zpsbc637d0a.gif
^Loved this tour!
 photo tumblr_mkiuoxkXNL1qkczoto1_500_zps68f527f1.gif
^Exactly what I experinced!
 photo tumblr_mckt8xJCR01ry0js8o1_500_zps34d1584f.gif
^Love this tour too!
 photo tumblr_me19jhnROc1r20f2eo1_500_zps63a37f77.gif
^Along with this tour!

One of my biggest dreams is to go to college and become a veterinarian or veterinarian technician. I have always wanted to be one since I was about six years old. I always was fascinated by animals. I have also grown up around animals my grandma had a dog, my aunt owns five cats and three dogs along with a very annoying bird and two very old horses, my cousins own two cats, and I to have had a cat named Kitty and currently have two cats named Nutter and Mollie. If I can’t be a veterinarian or veterinarian technician I would just like to have a job that has to do with helping or learning about animals. If I can become a veterinarian I would love to go to University of California-Davis or Colorado State University for the first four years it takes in the beginning. Then, once I am done there I would love to get my other four years that I need to become a veterinarian at the University of London Royal Veterinary College. Another dream of mine is to travel the world. I want to visit England, Ireland, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Also I would love to live in Colorado or England when I get older. I have been to Canada and I loved it. Plus Canada is like the only place I have been out of the country. I’ve also been to many of the states in the US. I want to accomplish my goals of meeting Taylor before I’m eighteen and One Direction before I am sixteen.

I am possibly the worst dancer on this planet! My signature dance move is the chicken dance only in my style. I do have quite the imagination too! I like to imagine what it would be like to be famous, or what I would do if I won the jackpot. I like the colors Red, White, Blue, and Purple. I play kickball, which really isn't a sport, but a CYO sport. I have two major crushes on Zayn Malik and Theo James. My favorite foods are cookies or ice cream. I over think things a lot like when I am planning something. I am very into collecting autographs. I have a total of three. I have two Taylor Swift autographs. One I got in the mail that was personalized and it made me so happy and the other I got for Christmas a few years back. My other one I got when I was eight. I had a huge obssession with Hannah Montana so for my birthday my mom bought this huge francy thing that had everyone's name who was in the cast of Hannah Montana signed on it. I'm not so much into it now, but I still think it is somewhat cool. I love school! School to me is best thing EVER invented! Most people would disagree with me I don’t let it bother me. My favorite subjects in school are Math, Science, Language Arts, and Art. Another reason I like school is because of my friends. I have the funniest, goofiest, randomest, uniqest friends ever! They tell me I am like a unicorn. I guess I also run like one too. Also have some other friends who live in different states that I don’t get to see very often but, I know those friendships will last a lifetime. I love to bake! I love photography and photos. I have an Instagram account, which has very random photos on it. Baking is one of my favorite past times. I love to bake for other people. I love British things! Tea, One Direction (I am very well aware that one of them is not British but infact Irish), Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Dr. Who, Benedict Cumberbach, Ed Sheeran, Accents, Countrysides, and well almost anything from Great Britian is awesome! I have kind of have an obssession with Great Britian. I am also told by my friends that I have a really good British accent. I don't think I do though. I love to read ! Some of my favorite books are The Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent Trilogy, Matched Trilogy, books by Jennifer E. Smith, and Sarah Dressen. I want to read The Lord of the Rings /Hobbit Series, The Maze Runner, and Book Thief. I don’t watch much TV but, when I do watch it I like to watch Sam & Cat, Cupcake Wars, Dance Moms, CSI, and Cops. I love watching movies. I mostly like Disney movies. I have seen practically seen every single Disney Movie out there. But, I don’t only watch Disney movies. I have seen both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I enjoyed them so much! Some other movies I love that aren’t Disney are Divergent (can't wait till the next two movies come out!), Perks Of Being A Wall Flower, The Notebook, Big, Titanic, The Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit Movies Series, and Pitch Perfect. I love to be in nature. I think it brings so much into the world. Plus if it weren’t for nature we wouldn’t be living today. I love being at the beach or in a forest or up in the Rocky Mountains.
 photo tumblr_m6uupzardK1rsbnz6_zpsdba5f061.gif
^Totally how I dance
Dancing photo tumblr_m5bmluOXrz1rp7zil_zpsbb4fb5f7.gif
^and this too.


Thank You So Much For Visiting My Profile! Send Me A Friend Request!
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