ATTENTION! School has started, so I will hardly be on TC at all. Thanks, guys! I love you and I'll miss you!

^Thank you so much, Bluebell!

Hi there!!! My name is Lauren, and I am a huge Swifty and giant Directioner. Simple as that. I Spoke Now on June 26, 2011, July 23, 2011, and July 24, 2011. Please don't hesitate to talk to me or add me as a friend. I will accept all requests as soon as I notice them!! I will also accept all comments to my profile AND I will reply to mail messages 99.99999999999% of the time. I also lovelovelove Grant Mickelson!!!! Grant and Taylor are my idols!!! Someday I hope to meet both of them. Grant is like so amazing to me and I literally just like love him so much. Grant is a phenomenal guitarist, a funny person, and just awesome, (one of the best guitarists EVER) and Taylor is a fabulous singer, a sweet person, and you can feel like she's your best friend. (I love her lyrics) But, together they're a PERFECT combination. Anyway, here's some more about me. I'm a ginger and I'm constantly told I have "gorgeous hair" which is really weird because most of the time it comes from complete strangers. And yes, I'm serious. I have long, straight hair. I love fluffy blankets and fluffy dogs. Probably because I'm always cold. Or so my friends tell me. I am freakishly good at staring contests. So good, that I once did one for 15 minutes straight without blinking. Sure, after that my eyes were numb for like 10 minutes after that, but I still won!!! I am constantly eating and hungry. But, it's really weird because whenever I go out to a sit-down restaurant, I eat like little portions and I'm full!! I love sparkles. I have 180 Taylor Swift songs on my iPod. I have an iPod Nano 5th gen. I've always wanted an iPad. I LOVE bffs and gifs as you can tell from the gifs on this page. I'm a straight A+ student. Really. But, if you just met me, you would never guess. I'm not like that nerdy kid that always sits in the corner of the class and never talks. I'm that kid that knows how to get people to have a good time. (But, not by doing anything CRAZY, though.) However, I am totally what people will call a shyzy. It's when you're shy around people you don't know and crazy around everyone else. I love lime/neon green. My favorite number is 13!!! Not just because of Taylor, though. I always felt bad for 13 since everyone thinks it's unlucky, so it was always my favorite number. It really annoys me when people say "legit" a lot. Seriously. People in my class are OBSESSED with that word. I love balloons. I love GUM!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Bing. (Sorry, Bing lovers.) I love Google. I am obsessed with American Idol. I have glasses, but not nerdy ones. If you haven't yet noticed, I hate being called a nerd. I do karate. I, at the moment that I wrote this, am a green belt. I go to karate tournaments and do pretty good. I, so far, have 17 trophies from 7 tournaments. They're so fun!! But, about that, while I'm already on the subject, I promise I'll never hurt you. Never. I don't think I've ever intentionally hurt someone. That pretty much explains why I hardly ever say no to anyone. Never. I'm just, I don't know, I guess I'm just afraid people will hate me if I say no. I don't know. I'm definitely and literally a TOTAL sucker for anyone with an Aussie accent. That pretty much explains why I have a BIG crush on Cody Simpson. :) For one Swifty in particular, I want to say something. She is amazing. Guess if you can tell who it is. Well, that pretty much describes EVERYONE on TC, but... anyway. She's an amazing person. (as far as I can tell. LOL) ;) She's my nolifeshoutoutgingergif buddy. Do you know who it is yet? No?!?!?! More hints? Well, she has the most amazing graphic shop and I can already feel like I've known her for years. She's so sweet toward other Swifties and loves to help out others. Did you get it yet? No? It's ok. I'll tell you. Her username is Bluebell. One of the nicest Swifties on TC. She really rocks!!! And, Swiftie4EverAndAlways. I really love you. Everything you do makes me so happy. I can't believe you actually made me a graphic saying that you love me and Kay!!! That means sooo much to me. And I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. But, I can try. And while I'm on the subject of shout-outs, I'd like to give a shout-out to Mary Kate (who is a MUCH awesomer Swifty than me!!) and ALL of my friends on TC and all of my friends in real life. You guys help me to make me who I am. And I will never be able to thank you enough for that. In the words of Taylor Swift, "If I ever see you in public, I want to meet you. I will thank you myself. You have put me in your lives and I will never be able to thank you enough for that." Check back later to see any updates I might've put in my profile. Have a SWIFT day! I LOVELOVELOVE so many things, but I also LOVELOVELOVE you!!! So, make sure to message me and add me!!

And I absolutely ADORE Taylor's hair flips. And if you do, too, this is for you!

And since I'm obsessed with Grant Mickelson AND Taylor Swift, here's a gif for you that combines my love for Grant, Taylor, AND gifs. A three in one combo!!!

I think that my favorite dress ever from the Speak Now tour was probably the gold sparkly Sparks Fly dress. Check out this awesome picture of it taken by Douglas!

I also REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Tay's vlogs. They were SOOOO AWESOME!!! Here's my fave one:

Here are my fave graphics made by the one and only, Rita_Fearless. (formerly LoveLoveLove) A HUGE thank you to you. Thank you so much!!! Check out her Graphic Shop. She makes some graphics that will simply leave you Wonderstruck. ;) And a big, giant thank you to JumpThenFall (formerly Pavv14) who helped me figure out how to get these on my profile.

And finally, this one that basically describes my hopes . . .

Here's an amazing graphic from an amazing friend. Love you, SongWriterSwiftie13!


Here's an AMAZING graphic from Kentucky Lia Chicken!

Here's two flawless graphics by Bea:

Here's an awesome graphic by Swiftieandiknowit13!

Here's some fantabulous graphics by liviswift:

Here is some gorgeous graphics from InMyBestDress! I LOVE YOU!

Here is a BEAUTIFUL graphic by TaylorSwiftFan. Her graphics are so pretty!!!!

Here's a gorgeous one from speak-now!

Here's some amazing awesome graphics by Swiftie4EverAndAlways! So happy to be the first to request from her. Check out her shop!

(^) Like, whoah. Right??

And thank you soo much, Camryn for making me this awesome, perfect, beautiful graphic that I still can not believe you took the time to make! Thank you.

Here's some graphics by the one, the only, Bluebell!!!!!! Seriously. Her graphics are amazing. And amazing is an understatement for how great they are!!! You REALLY need to go request from her as soon as you're done looking at my profile. Go ASAP!!! Really! Go! GOOOO! Once you're done looking at her Wonderstricking graphics she made for me, you need to go request ASAP!!!!!!!!!! (When I just used ASAP I meant NOW!)

My old avatar:

^^^My favorite graphic EVER!

Here's some Louis-tastic graphics from Songbird13!

Here's a flawless graphic from escapethistown!

Here's an awesome Swifty ID from iJustLoveTaylor A-LOT!

Here's a beautiful graphic from fearlesswiftie13!

Here's some ASTOUNDING perfect flawless graphics by Music 21.

Here's two pretty AWESOME FABULOUS and GREAT graphics by andriux3accion!

Here's a Swiftacular, awesome, beautiful, gorgeous graphic from Yukti. Thank you. Isn't this lovely?

Here's some gorgeous graphics by Safe & Sound!

A beautiful friendship graphic from SongWriterSwiftie13.

Another beautiful friendship graphic from Chanelle.

Here's an amazing, superb, great, fabulous. awesome, cool, ridiculously wow-ful and Swiftastic autograph graphic from HoldingMyBreath. I really really love this one because it is probably the closest I'll ever get to a real Taylor Swift autograph. Thank you, Hailey. Thanks.

Here's another one from HoldingMyBreath that is soooo gorgeous and amazing:

Here's some from Swiftlookalike:

Here's an awesome gif graphic by DancingRoundAllAlone13. And yes, this goes back to my obsession with 1D!

Here's some more awesome graphics from DancingRoundAllAlone13!

^^Those beautiful graphics are now the wallpaper background of my phone. THANK YOU!!!!!

Here's another AMAZING flawless gorgeous and lovable graphic by DancingRoundAllAlone13!

Here's an amazing One Direction graphic from story of us is a tragedy!

Here is a FLAWLESS graphic from BeautyIsSincerity!

Here's a gorgeous graphic from longlivetaylorswift.

Here's xLikeEver13 first requested graphic!

Here's a perfect graphic from Dani_PazL!

Here's some Wonderstricking graphics byluckythirteen!! I love her username!!


^^ I love that quote.

Here's a 100% flawless graphic from [url=http://taylorswift.com/users/iwasascar

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