Nice to meet you-
Where you been-
-I could show you incredible things-

Them: Taylor Taylor Taylor!!!
Them: Wait- Wut.

Be Fearless
I think you should Speak Now
In retrospect, it all looks Red
My idol was born in 1989
Taylor Swift


I havent been on lately (actually its been like a year.). I missed Taylor Connect so I joined again. Thank you so much for continuing to friend me, and send me messages. I love this site. Im sending my swiftie love.

I had heard Taylor's songs when they came out in 2006, and I had liked them, but I wasn't to the OMG point until I heard Love Story with my best friend and there was the OMG who is this girl? (Now I cant stop listening to her first album, so thats kinda funny.) I've loved her ever since. I have an obsession with blank space. idk haha. I also will always have a soft spot for I'm only me when I'm with you, for whatever reason. Maybe it's because it appeals to me? Who knows. I'm weird. But my two favorites on 1989 are I know Places and Wildest Dreams.

I'm Lacey. I'm 16 years old and I live in South Carolina (Thats the US.:)). I obviously have an obsession with Taylor Swift. Im also a directioner, Mystic Squirrel (5sos) Hayniac, and Imagine Dragonerd. Oh, and Nash Grier is my boyfriend. Im in love with acting. I would love to be an actress when I grow up, or wildlife rehabilitation. Which ever. lol. I think I'm gonna be a marine biologist tho.

I love to write songs, so expect me in song contests. I write about life experiences, especially love, because as far as I'm concerned, Love is everything.
I live in South Carolina. Its a place full of terrible drivers, who honk at you and dont let you in.
I have blurry eyesight.
I hate when something turns out different than you expected. Like when you find a cute puppy, only to find out its actually an alien (Stitch reference? Anyone? No? Ok...). But I mostly dont like it when it happens with people.

I'm that person that people come to when they need to rant. I hate hurting people. Like HATE it. I've been told I'm really loud and annoying ;). I'm part of the FCA, but I'm not one of those freakishly religious home schooled kids like the Duggars or something. I have a tendency to accidentally offend people. I speak my mind, so its hard not to. I think that Im really dysfunctional and I think its fantastic. My dream is to go to Clemson University (Yeah so thats why my thingy says I'ma Clemson cheerleader- I wish.) or Charleston Southern University (Its a Christian school near me). I tend to rant. I could write like this forever, but I'm pretty sure you're getting bored of me by now... lol

I'm partied like its 1989 on June 8th in Charlotte!!!

talk to me xx :)

I think you should follow me on Pinterest: Lacey Jackson
** My pic is me

Love Love Love,

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  1. flowerpetal852 avatar

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    *light bulb goes on* OOh! that makes so much more sense!! lol i'm kinda slow :P

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    On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 2:41 PM, flowerpetal852 said:

    hi! i love your profile! not to be lame (if thats possible) but what does the Swift, squared thing at the beginning of your profile mean?! its been bugging me and i just cant figure it out!!! AHHH

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    That is great! I always love meeting other Hayniacs. Are you excited for his new music? :)

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    Thanks :D I'm not very original. My first name's Grace...last name's Lindsay, and my fave number (8) looked stupid after my name, but my 2nd fave (13) looked pretty good :) hahahaha xD

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    I'me fine :) It's just already 11 pm here :P I'm normally here till after midnight, but I'm going to bed early today. I'll speak to you tomorrow :) Have a great day, Lacey ;)!

  8. TimeOfMyLife avatar

    On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 1:47 PM, TimeOfMyLife said:

    Hi L.C :)! How are you? Nice to meet you!

  9. Grace Lindsay avatar

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    I love your name! :D

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    Aw, I wonder why. Maybe the color coding doesn't like your device. I read your profile, and I love it! Especially the little bit at the beginning!

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