How I heard my first Taylor Swift song..

Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 2:55 AM By: TaylorsCheesecake

Hey everyone :3

I'm here to tell you how I learned about Taylor, and how I listened to 'You Belong With Me', which was the first Taylor song I've ever heard :) Well, here's my story;

I was listening to some random songs on YouTube. Then, I searched about Taylor Swift. I didn't really know who she is, but I have heard the name before. So I typed 'Taylor Swift' and a lot of songs appeared. Then, I clicked the first one, which was 'You Belong With Me'. When I listened to it, I LOVED it. The music, the video.. everything was really cool. So I decided to search more songs by Tay. They all were perfect. Taylor became my favourite singer, and then, she became my idol.

So, what's your story? Comment below ^^ Also thank you for reading.

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    On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 5:52 AM, Msukhmani said:

    here's my story....
    I already kinda knew Taylor cuz of some girls in my class liked love story and talked 'bout it so much, but i hadn't heard it and also bcuz of her cameo in Hannah Montana The Movie (bfore taylor I was obsessed wid hannah montana and miley cyrus) and then my ex-best friend was telling me 'bout love story...i didnt listen to it even then....then one day on youtube a 'you belong with me' lyrics video was in the recommended videos list...and i gave it a try...i've been a swiftie since ...and now almost everyone i know knows how much i love and admire her....

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    On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 3:04 AM, royke1325 said:

    No problem.
    Always enjoy reading the different stories how people came in contact with Taylor and her music.

    I have it posted on my profile too.
    But here we go.

    I was bored and was just flipping through the different TV channels.
    When all of a sudden i stopped.
    And watched the End of what later turned out to be Love Story.

    I thought to myself ahh nothing special.
    Just another teen wanting to make a name for herself (How stupid that was looking back haha)

    A few days later.
    I was playing a game on internet.
    TV was on.
    All of a sudden i heard You Belong with Me.
    So i watched the clip.
    I Saw the name Taylor Swift and off to Youtube i went.
    To my huge surprise i saw Love Story again.
    And From that moment on.
    I became a swiftie for life.

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