^credit to swiftswimmer! she's awesome!:)
Hi, i'm Taylor. (not even kidding, that is my real name:) I am literally obsessed with Taylor Swift. Just ask my family, or my friends at school. In fact, all you'd need to do would be to look at my iTunes library or my bedroom walls.
So aside from Taylor, because she's my number one obsession, role model, and idol, there are some other things I love. I love writing, pretty much anything but book reports. I don't like those. I love baking and pine trees, and mirrors and sparkly things. I love wearing sundresses, playing with my hair, and messing with calculators. I love singing and dancing, and acting.
I also love Harry Potter, as I'm sure you can tell from all my graphics that the lovely and beautiful graphic-makers on TC made for me. I love you guys:) I love the Narnia books and movies, and my book crush is Percy Jackson from the Rick Riordan books - I love all the series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Kane Chronicles. They're all amazing.
A few things I don't like? I really don't like being underestimated, or ignored. I don't like people who classify me as a certain "type" or who judge me by how i talk or what i wear. I don't like people who take things from me - because there is nothing i do better that revenge.
Back to happy thoughts!:):):):):) I'm going to be a freshman at Fryeburg Academy this fall, and I'm super excited. Also, (pause, for effect) I'M GOING TO SEE TAYLOR IN CONCERT ON JULY 26TH!!!!!!!!!1 my best friend Nicki (STX8) invited me and my sister (FearlessandSpeakNow) to go with her and I am so excited!!! counting the days!!!!!! :):):):):)
I love dancing in the rain, and wearing rubber boots and cut-off shorts. I love the summer and playing field hockey. I love antique shops and candles and saying that i have green eyes because my brother said that once.
I guess that's all i have to say for the moment. Thank you, to anyone who is looking at this profile, to eneryone who took their time and read every word. I love you like i love sparkles and having the last word. And that's real love:)

~13 Things Taylor Swift Has Taught Me~
1) It's okay to have curly hair :)
2) 13 is a great lucky number:)
3) If you know what you need to say, and you believe in it, you should Speak Now.
4) It's okay to be different - "what makes you weird in school makes you special later on."
5) Some people are going to mean, but that's all they're going to be.
6) Country music is cool!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!
7) Love is unpredictable.
8) It's important to "Never Forget the Essense of Your Spark!"
9) A girl with a dream can become a superstar.
10) Someday you'll meet your Prince Charming on his White Horse.
11) Sometimes guys are blind, and it helps to write songs about it. :D
12) Playing guitar is cool.
13) And that Love is Fearless!!!!!

^credit to the amazing Lilylily13! (all four)

^Credit to bewonderstruck13~and all her flawlessness!!

^credit to Allyouareismean!!!!!
^credit to swiftswimmer!!!!

^credit to InMyBestRedDress :):):)

^credit to thatlittleREDdress:):):):)

^both credit to Allyouareismean

^credit to thatlittleREDdress!!!!!

^credit to swiftswimmer! she's amazing!:)

^both credit to the amazing swiftiesunite!

^credit to the AMAZING swiftswimmer!!!!! :):):)

^both credit to WonderstruckMagic!

^credit to 13strings!:)

^credit to swiftiesunite:):):)

credit to thatlittleREDdress:):):)

^credit to WonderstruckMagic:):):)

^credit to Allyouareismean:) she's awesome!!!

^credit to InMyBestRedDress:):):)

^credit to Daya!

^credit to swiftswimmer:):):)

^credit to TaylorSwiftRocks13

^credit to WonderstruckMagic:)

^credit to 13strings

^credit to the amazing upinlights:) or Daya:)

^both credit to Allyouareismean:)

^credit to swiftswimmer:)

^credit to Daya!

^credit to FF13!

^credit to thatlittleREDdress!



These next flawless 15 graphics are all credited to Allyouareismean:):):):):)
[img="http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff420/dumdydumdydum/Wonderstruck%20graphics/speaknow1.jpg" alt=""]

~My Harry Potter section...i'm just a tiny bit obsessed:)~

^all three credit to Swiftswimmer:)

^credit to swiftiesunite:)

^credit to Allyouareismean! she's AMAZING!!!!

^credit to thatlittleREDdress!!!!!


^both credit to swiftswimmer!!!

^Allyouareismean. Best ever. Like, ever:)

^Credit to Daya!!!!!!

~ I also have this THING for Narnia...it's called OBSESSION!~

^credit to WonderstruckMagic

^all credit to Allyouareismean:)

^credit to swiftswimmer!:)

thank you to ALL who have read this (looked at all this? hmm...:)
"No matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and Prince Charmings and happily ever after. That's why I write these songs. Because I think love is fearless." -Taylor Swift

(both credit to the utterly enchanting Allyouareismean!)

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