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Im one of those fans who is crazy for Taylor,Would do anything just to meet her. One of my dreams is to meet her in person and at least just get to see One concert of hers and that would just make me smile alot ( like My face would be RIPPED! just kidding .) I've been a fan of hers since 2011 ( bet you think Im new...) its already been 3 years ? or 2 . She inspires me , She's my Role model , and I listen to her songs when I feel down and Sad.
About me:
I love the Number 15 and I love things that are bright and things that sparkle. I love snowflake/s and snow ( even though I never seen even a single snowflake or snow they are just pretty and nice.) I have a dog Who I love she's a beagle and does the usual thing..Sniffs everywhere... Im sometimes the "loner" in my school even though I have BFFS. Well That's ok . I spend some of my time ( when i have free time ) on playing guitar. :D I am always busy at school days which is really tiring and yeah...
"My life is Hard and Complicated. And that isn't nice. "
Funny Movies, Food,Loves reading Books (like Diary of a wimpy kid,Dork Diaries)
Horror , Scary , Mean People
You cannot believe this but im allergic to Chocolate :(
Color : White , Light blue ( or any blue thats bright and pretty :D )
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  1. emlovestay13 avatar

    On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 5:00 AM, emlovestay13 said:

    hey :) and no i don't think they sell it there yet :( its just coming to europe so it might take them a while to get it over there. you could always order it though!

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