Hey, I'm Claire! I made a TC so I could meet up with more people who share my hobby: fangirling over Taylor Alison Swift. You can continue reading below if you share my hobby, or if you don't, save the time and X out of this tab:)

The first time I remember hearing Taylor was in 2008, and I remember driving home from dinner with my dad, and on the radio "Love Story" came on. I was in LOVE with that song. Later I searched her online, and found more and more of her songs, and I was in LOVE with her music. For my 9th birthday (in 2009) I got the Fearless CD and a radio to listen to it:) I was so, so excited. I remember my brother got the CD for me, haha. He regrets that, now having to listen to me blasting her music 24/7. But I am so thankful for that.

Then later that year, on Christmas I got a Taylor Swift biography, flipping through the pages, i found 2 pieces of paper. CONCERT TICKETS. I remember SCREAMING at the top of my lungs that day, I was so stoked! Then I got to see Taylor perform May 13th, 2010 on her Fearless tour, at the Prudential Center. The concert started at seven, and I wore a purple and white striped shirt and black pants, and I bought Sour patch Kids. The first song she sang was Tell Me Why, and that was one of the best days of my life.

Later that year she put out her album "Speak Now" and I got to PRE-ORDER it with her AUTOGRAPH aklfjss;alkjdf!!! I couldn't believe she actually TOUCHED that piece of paper, or at least touched something that touched it! Haha I was excited:)

Then in February 2011, her concert tickets for my area went on sale. It was a school day, and I HAD to go to school, so my parents promised to get the tickets for me. I remember going to the main office of my school with one of my friends, her name was Jenna, and calling my dad. HE GOT THE TICKETS. I was SCREAMING in my school, and everybody was looking at me, but I didn't care. I would get to see Taylor on tour again. Oh.My.God.

Seeing her on her Speak Now tour was absolutely incredible. When she said "Drop everything now" I did drop everything, and broke down in tears. She was there. My idol, my inspiration, in the same room as me, and there were so many people who loved her, too, in that room. Although I could barely see her with my seats, I could just FEEL HER PRESENCE. It was amazing!

Flash forward a year and a half, and she's releasing her 4th album, Red. I am so, so proud of her, her talent, her personality, her humility, everything about her. You can't really ask for anything more of Taylor, she's incredible. She keeps up this great role-model material, and writes songs, she does so much. I am proud to be a Swifty.

I seriously do not to where I'd be without Taylor. I've been at low points, and her music, her voice saved me. Without Taylor, I wouldn't be at all like I am today. I'd be so much worse. I'd be lost without her. I just want to thank Taylor for everything she has done for me.

Love, love, love,

P.S. If you read this whole thing, I love you

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