Hi guys! I'm Mallory, and I'm 14 years old. I love running, reading, watching movies, and blogging (haha)! I like to post videos on YouTube. The videos, on YouTube, are mainly reviews of books, movies, songs, You guys should check out my channel :) I try to post as much as I can as often as I can. I live in Indiana and it's pretty cool here. I'm also on Instagram. I have A LOT of fan accounts. My Taylor fanpage is: @swiftactually. That's the only account I post everyday on.
I absolutely love Taylor. I became a fan of hers in 2007 and became a Swiftie in 2008, and I never regretted that. The first song I ever heard from Taylor was Picture to Burn. I heard it on the radio one day and fell in love. Taylor has always been there for me. She helped me build a lot of self confidence and I really truly am grateful. I used to be afraid to be myself in school, like I hated that I have short legs and thin eyebrows. But ever since I discovered Taylor and started watching all of her interviews about everything, I felt a lot better.
I'm really big on privacy and personal space. That's why I like to do things anonymously or use a pen name. So yes, Mallory is a fake name that I'm using because I don't feel comfortable revealing my real name. Maybe sometime in the future, I'll tell you guys my real name, but that time is not now.

First Time I...

1) First time I... said my first word: was when I was on the toilet, I think I was about 2, I was doing my business and I said "poop"
2) First time I... got a phone: was in the summer of 2010
3) First time I... went to another country: I was probably 6 years old when I went to Canada for Winter break

I hope you guys friend me and read my blog posts. I love you guys, bye!

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    On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 9:16 PM, SWIFTIEFOREVER72613 said:

    Have you ever seen Taylor live in concert?!?!???

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    lol. I don't have a lot of friends on here. oh whale. that was lame. oh well.

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    Thanks for the FR! nice to meet u

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