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HI! Thank you for being here on my profile!

August 27 2013. My first taylor concert! Section 122 row Y. I'm ready to turn RED

Hi, my name is Emily Gaut and I'm so glad you're here on my profile!

My Taylor Story:

Finding Taylor was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Her music has gotten me through so much. I first discovered her in 2009 when I heard You Belong With Me on the radio and instantly fell in love with the song. I learned the song, sang it at my school's talent show and then bought Fearless, and was hooked on all of the songs on it. Soon after, I bought Taylor Swift and fell in love with those songs too! When I heard Mine it was my favorite song for months, and that's saying something considering my favorite song usually changes according to my mood. I bought Speak Now the day it came out and Taylor continued to do the impossible and top what she had done before. And with her genius lyrics and catchy melodies she continued to amaze me. When Red came out a lot of people were saying that Taylor had changed and they didn't like the new her. I don't think she changed. I think she let out an album with a different sound, but Taylor hasn't changed. Taylor is still the girl that wore dresses and cowboy boots on tours, she just doesn't wear them that often anymore. And honestly I love her new sound. Her lyrics are still genius and her melodies are still catchy. Taylor is still my idol and will continue to be. Everything about her is perfection and I will never be ashamed to be a swiftie!

Now some stuff about me :)

Well like I said before my name is Emily. I'm fourteen years old and live in California. A few of my favorite things are Taylor Swift (obviously), friends, swimming, playing guitar, singing, zelda, nutella, chai tea, hot cocoa, oreos, milka chocolates, mac and cheese, blueberry muffins. (Yeah there's a lot of food in there....) The basic information about me is I'm 14, blonde, about 5'3" and grey/blue eyes. I have this irrational fear of veins. Like I can't look at them.. or touch them.. or think about them or I start freaking out and shaking and crying. It's really weird, I have no idea why I do that. I'm definitely not popular in school. I don't have that many friends.. at all and since I'm going into high school and most of my friends are a year behind me, I'm leaving most of them behind. But not being popular doesn't bother me much, I mean I'd rather have a few true friends that I know love me, rather then a bunch of friends who secretly hate me or talk about me behind my back. I'm quite childish for my age. I like disney movies, like all of them. They're like the best thing on the planet, EVER! I might be 14 but I still watch Tinkerbell and the Little Mermaid. NO JUDGING! And I mean come on, you're never to old for the Lion King and Finding Nemo. A random fact about me is I always have to have my nails painted or else my hands feel naked.
Something else about me is I basically eat, sleep, breathe, and live music. I started singing even before I could talk. My mom has videos of little 6 month old Emily humming myself to sleep. I've basically known that I want to be a singer since I was 2 years old. When I was five I started taking piano lessons and through that my love for music grew. And Although I've been playing that the longest, lately it's become my secondary instrument. When I was 12 my parents got me my first guitar and over that summer I learned to play and since then have never stopped. It's like all I do in my free time, and since learning how to play, I've started writing my own music and performing them whenever I can. Songwriting is now the way I deal with things. Feeling upset? Write a song. Feeling angry? Write a song. Just need to get something out? Write a song. It's kind of like therapy for me. I don't know how I would live without it.Like I said I've always known what I wanted to do, but I've always wanted to go solo, but now that I'm older and have had a band experience, I realize I like being part of a group. It seems unfair to not give the other musicians credit as a solo artist. I love being a group and part of a group. It's like a family. My dream is to be like Taylor. Make it big singing songs I write, performing in front of audiences screaming my name and singing along to lyrics I wrote. Some say it's an unrealistic dream. And it is. But hey, you never know unless you try right?
Another thing about me is I LOVE THE SUN. Summer is my favorite season and the best time of the year. On top of there being no school there's heat. I love the warmth of the sun and cooling off in the water. In the summer I basically spend all my time either at the pool or the lake. I love swimming, it's the only sport I'm actually good at and like. A lot of people always wish it was summer in the winter and winter in the summer, but not me, I always want it to be summer and when it's here I enjoy every second of it. I prefer every thing about summer to all the other seasons. Hot to cold, swimming to skiing, shorts to jeans, tank tops to jackets, and outside to inside. I honestly hate snow, I mean all it is, is a way to get wet and cold fast. Summer is perfection, and I wish it was ALWAYS summer!
Even though the sun and summer are amazing, there is one good thing about the cold. Rain. I've come up with some of my best songs in the rain. The rain is kind of inspirational to me. When most people are huddled up inside to stay warm, I'm outside getting soaked, and enjoying it. I love watching lightning and listening to thunder. I love feeling the fresh water come down on my face! I love dancing in it. My dream is to have my first kiss in the rain, probably not gonna happen, but hey you can't blame a girl for dreaming.

So thank you to anyone who spent time reading this.
I lovelovelove you!

Love, Emily




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