Credit to annietheswiftie for my "about me" graphic, ForgetAboutTheHeartbreaks for my amazing banner, Rosie for all of the other word graphics! Thanks guys :)

Hi! My names Rebecca,
you can call me that or my username I don't really mind which! I'm 16 years old and I'm obsessed with a girl named Taylor Alison Swift!

It all started back in 2007. I was 8 years old and in school. My teacher told us to do a talk on our favourite bands/singers. I didn't really have a favourite singer at the time so I went home and searched up "good singers" in google. Up came 'Your Anything' in a video. I was a little surprised to learn that it was unreleased considering it was the top answer but anyway.. I clicked on it and my life changed forever. In the YouTube suggestion box I saw 'Teardrops On My Guitar' and it instantly became my favourite song. I would just search up her music videos and listen to her all the time. Soon enough my iPod was filled with nothing but Taylor. By the time Fearless came out I was a Swiftie I listened to 'Change' non-stop I got Speak Now deluxe edition as soon as it was in shops. And I remember pestering the person over the counter about it a couple of days before it was released to see if they could sell me one early! Now that Red is out I know that I will always be a Swiftie. I thought maybe her changing her style a bit would put me off but no. It didn't. It just made me love her so much more. I'm proud to say I've been a Swiftie for 7 years now!


But first here is a list of 13 things you should know about me!
1 I'm inspired by the wonderful Taylor!
2 I wish I was tall.
3 I'm only 5ft 3in and I haven't grown in so long.
4 I love Lady Antabellum
5 I hate Easter chocolate.
6 I don't like exercise and I love food.
7 I like to paint and draw.
8 I love to read.
9 I tried to write a book but I couldn't get past 50 pages..
10 2 of my best friends on here are swiftyswizzle13 and Rosie26! I love them with all my heart and their profiles are in the link section! They're awesome!
11 I'm an Aries (21 March)..
12 I've always wanted to play banjo.
13 I lovelovelove making new friends! (So feel free to message me or comment or something...)








Ella (SongInTheCar)

Little Birdy

autumn leaves falling


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    i requested u on ig

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    How are you?

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    I love your profile!

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    Yes its been such a long time! I would love to be friends again too! I love your profile!

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    Good thank you. Your Swiftie ID is beautiful. I don't have one because I can never decided on my favourite song and quote.

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    Really? Awww thank you :)

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    Beautiful profile.

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    Haha :) Hey HEY!!!

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    I love your profile!

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