I have 89 of her songs on my iPod, more than half of my iPod pics r of her, I have made a huge scrapbook about her, I am subscribed to lots of sites that give me info and updates about taylor. I have her perfume, I have all of taylors CD's and I'm re-doing my room so it's Taylor swift themed. Shes so kind and beautiful and smart and funny and I love her so much. She inspires me to sing and I first started ADORING her wen I heard her song 'love story'
I am 12 and I play piano, sing, dance ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz, dance and draw and paint. I'm very creative. I hate tomattoes and wen people yell at me and I'm in year 7

I love being me and hanging wif friends. The thing I do most is laugh ;) I giggle and crack up laughing randomly and I find everything funnier when I'm not allowed to laugh. I am really random and me and my friends always laugh at ourselves. People call our group the weirdos and the funny thing is, we like it!
Im new to the site, can someone please tell me how to change my pic
I love all Taylor's songs but white horse, all to well, I'm only me when I'm with you, white Christmas, and enchanted r my faves on each album

Ive always wanted a balcony off my room and I love books and reading and listening to music. I wanna be a professional dancer when I'm older and I would LOVE to meet her. I'm saving up so when she has her red tour around the world (if she does) I can but backstage passes. I am not gonna say how much I have, but it's a lot and I think I'll have enough. Sort of.

My saying's r:
'Love me, hate me, just don't label me'
'B ure self , unless u can b a unicorn, then b a unicorn'
'forget the risk and take the fall, if it's what you want then it's worth it all'
'where theres a sparkle theres a sky' and
'life is what you make it'

I am in love with Louis Tomlinson. He's perfect!

I love animals so much! My fave animal is Baby turtles and lion cubs. I wanted to be a vet for a while but I can't stand seeing animals bleed. It's scary.

I believe life needs more love because the world doesn't have enough. If people had more love and compassion there wouldn't be people in poverty, or parent less children, or racism or sickness. More people would live if there was more love. Love doesn't make the world go round , I get that, but it's what makes it worth the ride. Just spinning in circles and doing nothing for others is boring, it has no purpose. Love is what makes it exciting.

Something I don't understand is NFL , it really confuses me. Like what does football have to do with numbers and it's just a very confusing game to me. I hate John travolta and my best friend makes me listen to the Beatles and the bee gees. I sorta like them. But don't tell her that ;)

Btw my name isn't actually sky evered but this is a social network so I don't wanna put my real name

I love swimming. The water is so refreshing. When I'm older I'm gonna be a part-time lifeguard and a professional dancer. The ocean calms me. Ever since I was six I went to the beach every weekend. The salt water in my mouth and the sand between my toes and all the brightness and happy children is just so fun. I love boogie boarding and surfing. And sandcastles r awesome too!

I love lettuce and singing really loud. I sleep in lots and play my iPod heaps. I listen to Taylor's music all the time. Something I hate is when I meet Taylor swift and have fun with her then I wake up and see it was a dream. It's sad. ;(

But it's ok because I know one day I will meet her. It's not an if or a maybe or a might. It's a WILL. Because Taylors my idol. My everything. I have to meet her, no matter what. Everything is possible if you believe in it.

My dream is to meet Taylor swift and see her. I have been to her concert (one of them) and seen her but I want to meet her , for her to know my name. I LOVE U TAYLOR!

if u read through all of that, im pretty sure ure saying 'We dont need ure life story! Just put up some pictures!' i dont kno how to put pics up yet and i kno im boring, so dont tell me
Anywayyyy Thnx for looking at my profile :D

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    yes its very mean, how the judge you before they even know you im with you on that one !

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