I said "Oh My My My" when I first heard Taylor on the radio. I was so overwhelmed by the queen that there were "Teardrops on My Guitar", teardrops of JOY! I felt like I had finally found "A Place in This World" because I had just been blessed with the voice of an angel.

A few years later, Taylor's 2nd album came out and I ran to the store ASAP to grab the new release, saying, "You Belong with Me" as soon as I saw it sitting on the shelf! It was hard to "Breathe" in between screams of excitement!" I listened to all the tracks at least “Fifteen” million times that first day!... And the next… And every other day after that! Every day is “The Best Day” when you’re listening to Taylor’s music. Never mind a relationship, Taylor’s music and I already have a “Love Story” in the making! When her album came out, I said YES! I WILL LOVE YOU “FOREVER AND ALWAYS!” Because of her, I knew the music industry was about to “Change”…

Flash forward to when Taylor and I are taking on the world together, and there’s a drawer of her albums at my place! I remember one time my friend tried to take my new Taylor album and I said HEY THAT’S “MINE!” Psh, I know she’ll never make that same mistake… the amazing lyrics on her next album “Haunted” my mind, they were just so beautiful and wonderstrucking!- I mean, I was dancing around to the songs all alone! “The Story of Us”, Taylor and I, just keeps getting better! I go “Back to December” all the time, when I was surprised with Taylor Swift tickets! I loved watching the “Sparks Fly” that night of the concert, even in the pouring rain at Gillette Stadium! I was so “Enchanted” at the thought of meeting Taylor someday….

I was no longer at a “State of Grace” now, my Taylor fangirling was just getting better and better! This time, the run into Target was “Treacherous”, no one could get in my way, and I just HAD to get that album at midnight! This time I listened to the album “22” million times! That concert, I was “The Lucky One”! I got to the “Starlight” shining in her eyes up close because I was blessed with VIP seats! That night, I met Paul Sidoti and Scott Swift. Mr. Swift kindly took a scrapbook I had made with him to bring to Taylor after the concert and gave me the rest of his guitar picks, which was a whole handful! I felt the tears “Begin Again” as I sobbed with joy as to what had just happened. Gillette Stadium truly was “Holy Ground” that hot July Night! I predicted that Taylor would have a huge effect on the music world because “Everything Has Changed”…

By now, “I Know Places” in those stores… in other words, I know just the lanes to get to the album section of Target the fastest! As I picked up the 1989 album for the first time, I knew I was in my “Wildest Dreams”, the worker even said WOW! “You Are In Love!” Taylor’s albums NEVER go out of “Style”! I threw some glitter in the air, but I had to “Shake It Off” as I partied like it was 1989!

But Taylor I got a “Blank Space” on my 1989 Tour Outfit for Gillette Stadium on July 24th, 2015, and I would love for you to write your name... ;)

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