I'm Rachel, I'm 19, and I've been on Taylor Connect since the original 2009 forums existed. If somebody had told my 12 year old self when signing up that I'd still be on here 7 years later, I don't know how I would've felt about that.
I first heard Taylor's music in 2008 when Love Story was released as a single, and have been a huge fan ever since. Here's a little bit about the times that I've been so very fortunate enough to have interacted with/seen Taylor:

Summer 2010

Due to being one of the first members on this forum I was incredibly lucky enough to have the opportunity to submit a photo of myself to a mosaic fan project here on taylorswift.com - this turned into the Mine mosaic, and it's super cool knowing that my nerdy little 12 year old face is hiding somewhere inside each and every printed copy of the Mine single CD! Have you found me?

March 22nd 2011

I began saving for this tour immediately after the album was announced. I'd missed out on the Fearless tour, instead reading these forums as people wrote about the t-shirts they were buying and the outfits they were wearing, and knew I had to attend the SNWT when it came to England. Taylor visited Birmingham, an hour long drive from my town, and I went with three of my friends. We were all thirteen, and had the matching number painted in blue on our hands and curls in our hair. We'd spent weeks creating these hugely obnoxious purple signs with bright pink fairy lights around so that the whole 15,700 people in the arena knew: WE SEE SPARKS FLY WHENEVER YOU SMILE & TAYLOR SWIFT IS BEST THING THAT'S EVER BEEN MINE. Funnily enough, she brought a t-shirt out with that slogan on around a year later. We had seats in the block between the B-stage and the main stage, and the show was spectacular. Superbass coming on as the lights dimmed, the gorgeous intro - two of my friends even managed to touch Taylor's hand as she ran through the audience after YBWM. I caught streamers during Love Story that I still have in a shoe box inside my wardrobe even now, but they were taped from my ceiling for years until they became too fragile.

September 1st 2011

Out of 30,000+ questions submitted online, mine was chosen to be asked during YouTube Presents: Taylor Swift Q&A. I was watching live and could not believe it, only to cringe when she began laughing at my username which I'd made several years prior, not having realised it would be read out - or even that mine would be picked! I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to actually ask her a question and for her to answer it for me! I wish she'd do more of these.
Click here to watch the interview.

October 7th 2012

This show was the coolest thing ever. I had no idea which acts would even be performing at the Radio 1 Teen Awards until two weeks beforehand. The first time I ever called in sick to work was so I could secure tickets to this show, and I ended up with two spares. I organized to give them away to a couple of people with whom I met up with before the show in London, but then I had to find my own gate which wasn't the standard A-Z like most others. After talking it out with security, they directed me to a small box on the red carpet and I was horrified to learn that this whole time I'd won surprise golden tickets, and had just missed meeting Taylor Swift by mere moments as she walked past and chatted with fans. I missed out on seeing the iconic Charlotte Olympia cat heels in person. I don't know which I'm more devastated about, still.
The show itself was insane though, and I was so lucky to have tickets for such a highly sought event. My original seats were nosebleeds, but halfway through the show I noticed a floor section entirely devoid of people because it was being used to film the show, so I asked the camera crew if it was okay if I sat behind them, and they let me. This was the first show Taylor ever played Red live at, and I was screaming (shrieking) every single line. I couldn't believe that she was playing it. In hindsight, I think that this was the last show she ever drew a thirteen on her hand for, too. Nostalgia.

June 8th 2013

I chose seeing Taylor the summer before college over a holiday abroad with my friends. The Summertime Ball hosted over 20+ different acts and the prices were representetive of that. I remember watching Britain's Got Talent the night beforehand and hoping that she'd bring out Ed for the following night. I don't know how exactly to explain this right, but there were over 90,000 (biggest crowd she'd played to) people standing in Wembley Stadium that night, and they all got a little emotional when Everything Had Changed started playing. We'd been standing in the beating heat for at least nine hours, and when Taylor asked if we could hold up anything sparkly, it was like the whole sky filled with diamonds. The closest feeling I can match to it is how I felt seeing Enchanted live on the SNWT. You can't really put it into words.

February 1st 2014

I had the savings jar out for this one before the European leg was even announced, and when I saw my seat in person I knew without a doubt that all of the extra shifts and missed nights out had paid off. I was as close to the B-stage as humanly possible. I even saw Andrea before the show began and called out her name with a wave, but she was bundled off by security as soon as they realised somebody had recognized her - so I was stunned when she turned around, pointed back to me and waved, grinning. It was so kind and unexpected of her, it made my entire night. I'd refused to look at spoilers for the Red tour online as I had done with the SNWT, so everything had the shock factor to it (to the extent that I even thought that the fan who ran onto the stage at the end of WANEGBT was part of the show, before security tackled him to the ground. Taylor still shook his hand, though.) I even managed to touch Taylor as she went through the crowd on 22, and she blew a kiss to me (I hope) as she put her guitar on to start playing Fearless. Ed Sheeran came out once more and they played Lego House together, which was so, so beautiful. I knew their voices complimented each other from the album, but hearing them together live is holy.

June 27th 2015

Tickets for the 1989 Tour were announced the second I finished work in 2014, and I immediately bought two on my phone using the wifi from the store next door. It was a very desperate situation. I travelled to the Hyde Park show in London and stayed in the sketchiest hotel ever with my boyfriend, and we unfortunately missed out on our priority tickets, but we still had a spectacular view. We were actually waving at the people seated in the stands thinking it was people from the forum who had told us they were in Diamond View, assuming it was confirmed when they waved back. It turned out to be Karlie Kloss and again, Andrea we'd been waving at. I still don't know how I feel about this lol. We actually spent a lot of the show being the distress beacon, as my boyfriend being so tall was the one who could see everybody who was fainting or in need of suncream/water, and helping the security team with that. It was wild. Again, like with the Red Tour, I'd avoided spoilers online, and I was so blown away at the surprises. I automatically say that HYGTG was my favourite set with the flying dancers and lamposts, but then I think of YAIL and how the whole crowd was a sea of glow sticks, but then I remember the Wildest Dreams mash up and that "Enchanted-live" feeling comes back. This night is sparkling, don't you let it go. Don't you let it go.

January 21st 2016

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January 6th 2017

I'd been away over the new year and hadn't used the internet in over 10 days. When I eventually signed back into Tumblr there were too many notifications for me to scroll through in order to find the one from Taylor. Unexpected and speechless. Flattered that Taylor Swift thinks my sense of humour is ART!
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    Cool profile, I envy that you have been to so many TS concerts :)
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    I'm doing okay. Super busy with getting ready for finals. School has been so stressful this year! Awwww thank you!! Do you have an Instagram?

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    Hi! How are you?

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    Hey Rach, unread message requires your sweet attention missy :)

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    I love your page! I hope that you meet taylor sometime hopefully in the near future because you seem like a very dedicated and amazing swiftie! have a great day!

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    Fetus Rach in the first photo on your wall. Where is the pink hair??? Where is Aria??

    It's 1:16AM and I am still giggly from wine (NOT DRUNK, GIGGLY. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE).

    Help me.

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    I DON'T KNOW RACHEL, BUT THANK YOU!! My cousin took that pic so maybe it's just her amazing photography skills.

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