Hi I'm 16 born on 7th June 1997 and I'm born and live in London but I am originally from Ethiopia (East Africa) and I am a christian . On Monday 4th November 2013 I moved to America!! I love it here because its a huge country and there are a lot of opportunities here too. Im an absolute huge Taylor Swift fan. I have a cat called Lilo and as you can see thats where I got my username from. I love cats just like Taylor does. My fav colors are purple, white and turquoise. I absolutely love taylor swifts style cause I love vintage clothing.

I love watching movies and reading books like twilight and The hunger games. I'm in love with both of them.

I also really like Anime! I really like Death Note, Clannad, Kaichou wa maid-sama and angel beats

I have never been to a Taylor Swift concert but someday i will do. I love her songs its amazing.

I also want to try and buy both of Taylor Swifts perfume because I heard it smells AMAZING!!!

Someday I want to travel to places like

-South Korea

Thanks for reading all of this.

“People haven't always been there for me but music always has.”
Taylor Swift

Oh and I am really into k-pop (korean pop/music) Its so cool, well I think so. There are a whole range of Kpop singers an groups its unbelievable!!! I have noticed that most people think Kpop is all about Psy. Well, it really isn't. Kpop comes in a whole range of styles not only pop. There are hip hop groups, rock groups etc..... It can suit almost everyone so I really hate it when people say they hate Kpop when all they have listened to Psy and no one else.... Some of the most famous groups are Super Junior, Girls Generation/SNSD, Big Bang and 2NE1 and there are many more groups and singers that are amazing. So try listening to some Kpop before you judge it because it really bugs me. I am also into K-drama...it's so amazing. haha^^ check it out if you want hehe^_^

Here are some K-pop music videos, hope you enjoy ^_____^

And don't worry guys, I will never forget Taylor even if I post stuff about K-pop and things like that on here. The description is on Taylor Connect so you can talk about yourself and your interests, so one of my interests are k-pop and k-dramas thats why I wrote it on here. I had a comment saying that "this is Taylor Connect not Teen Top Connect" (Teen Top one of my fav groups) And yes I understood that but the description is there so you can talk about yourself and your likes and dislikes right?? After all it is YOUR profile. That comment really hurt me because it is like saying not to share about what you love. What's the point of the description box if you don't write about yourself?? I like k-pop so I write about it just like some of you like One Direction, Little Mix, Union J etc......because you love them you write about them in your description. But that does not mean we dislike Taylor because we write about other things in your description. We all love Taylor so thats why we are members of Taylor Connect! I just wanted to make my point clear to everyone because I didn't want people to post comments like that or become angry at me because I wrote about K-pop on a Taylor fan site. Well I am blabbering now and I feel like I repeated some things haha.......so yeah everyone feel free to write about anything on your profile. Since it is your profile no one can stop you from sharing the things you love to other people. I'm sure Taylor would love to read about different people's interest if she was on here. So think about that! hehe

follow me on twitter @misskpop123

And of course here is some beautiful gifs of Taylor Swift

To Taylor,
사랑해- saranghae ( I love you)

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