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What defines A writer, A person that can see and harness the powers of their emotions and expressions turned into the inspirations of words turned of legacy masterpiece.

The emotions that are most inspired would be Love ,of true hopeless romantics, The emotion of anger that can only be said in writing ,emotions of happiness that can brighten and inspire someones day. this is the proof life is worth the living everyday , its the truth of a person really has that voice to stand in their opinions.

As a man who has seen his own amounts of trials and tribulations in the moments of good and and in the worst. growing up in life was the difficult for me. everywhere i went i was the odd man out because i was the victim of serious bullying. as a man who was fascinated with writing it provoked a hidden talent within that grew even into today being the newest of written poets.when life had thrown those many curveballs in my direction it seemed to open and close many doors on my life and as it said "everyday does give you the wisdom within every mistake ever made". like with me a lot of said ven in my young age i am wise beyond my years of my writing.

to be a kid who was one who was constantly bullied throughout my school years. believe it or not one year it was so bad i almost made the suicidal choice but i never did. when the realization that life is so much better ahead it just changed my outlook on life. so i needed a way to keep it under control, so i just started writing my feelings down on paper would would later become the inspiration of my earlier poems. I remember before my 15th birthday i was very short for my age but as i aged i grew to be taller. at 15 i was 5 foot 3, at 17 i was 6 foot 2. even though i maybe tall im really a gentle giant.

a really great tool that helped me get past the issue of bullying to outsmart them in the schoolwork. as a man today im still plagued with a few problems artier a while though i just changed and smartened up my act. in some cases i would considered a nerd because i would be be Nose first in a good read. some of my favourite books Still are The Chronicles of Narnia saga , The Lord of the rings Trilogy , also classics like David copper field and To kill a Mockingbird.im also a huge comics nerd i like both sides of the Comic debate, but my full connection is with the DC Comics side. i was always fascinated with ideas of Heroes Like Captain America and Green lantern who would never backdown from a fight and fought their inner fears.I also believe that in Modern day everyday people can Be heroes in the forms of standing up and raising their true voice as wll as someone coming out of a rough start becoming a life still in knowing of good.

The idea that a everyday person can leave a legacy of some sort no matter how small can still leave an impact on life. being a person in the faith it has saved me more than one occasion. also being someone with other talents to leave behind a legacy in life for future generations. being able to connect in the sense of geography an challenging talent. having the love of finding inspirations for more of my poetry with the sense of having a dream to be a great writer one day . at the age of 12 i started to tap into my newfound talent of poetry writing. there are still many poems that are gonna be written through these hand ahead, unfortunately some of my earlier works im still trying to find since my moving out of province in 2006. as a canadian i have that right in the knowing my opinions truly count.

It was not until 8 years later in 2010 that my poetry work started to get discovered by publishers in the notice my unique to the poem writing. In November of 2011 is when my First Ever poem "Autumns Beauty" Got its Publication status.through a poetry Contest that seemed to really connect with a lot of readers.As a writer I seem to have been following this Quote my made "I follow everyday In life, All around is the medium, that becomes the inspiration , to a written of poems" as it stand s i currently have 10 poems now published and circulating the globe as i speak. in the days still coming in 2013 i am still getting inspiring ideas for my Poetry everyday. and now with a full book due out in late summer of 2013 it has really inspired me to continue my writing. I am hoping my words of wisdom can truly leave a legacy inspired of future writers of future generations.

I am only 21 Years of age but in a few months ill be 22 and i have already started to Seem that im creating accomplishments very few will ever see in their lifetime.im also someone who loves Constructing things i always had the focus to building something and it has worked within my writing. I was Born on August 26th 1991 what most never knew until now is my Lucky Number This is my proof it always has been my number and always will be. my lucky number is 13 yet i didn't say anything because i never wanted to anyone think i was crazy. for some reason its been factored in the physical matters because my foot size is 13 and my birth year and birthdate are both multiples of 13 , not too many people have that happen in their lifetime.

I have also always been a Science fiction , Fantasy and romance for movies that have been coming out. with having a Twin sister and an older Brother it has always been difficult to be the middle Child when you have to pick sides. My Twin sisters Name is Jennifer and My brothers is Derek.

when it comes to movies being made the one film company i have always liked is Walt disney pictures their films really do inspire me a lot outside of my writing in my spare time. another thing i like doing is drawing just like my Sister i have a unique eye in aspects of artwork. in the uniques my sister and i have different takes in our style of artwork. well i also did get my licence but it took me until my forth try to actually get it right on the dot. and yes i am a nice guy and i do care about everybody . I truly wish the best in everyones lives. I am a person who never likes holding onto grudges, i just forgive them and move on being mad about someone is not worth my time. it just the kind of person aim a true Gentleman and i am an animal person too. i also like to be a helping hand in someones life to inspire them. and my favourite colors are both yellow and blue , (yellow because its the color of sunshine and happiness, the blue i like because it symbolizes a renewal in someones character and attitude.).

I have been around for 21 years now about to be 22 years and i am thankful for everyday that im living to fullest. this in life bestowing blessings to those i need is a reward in itself seeing every new day new people to help and every something new to learn.

I truly thank you for reading this if you made it to this point. you are sincerely a true friend getting to know me. you area real pal if you could relation the words i said.Im just hoping my future years are as or more interesting as the times in the present. hoping my best ayers are still to come. remaining in life optimistic that this life can be a force for good inspiration in the world. thank you for reading and Have Yourself a Blessed day

Written in Time Forever

Edwin Nicholas Pierrot
Published Author /Writer /Artist and Poet

feel free to follow me on twitter at my usertag @White_Knight13 my official twitter page of the edwin pierrot

Top 10s of stuff

Top 10 Disney Movies:

1. A Goofy Movie / Bedtime Stories
2. Oz The great And Powerful
3. Alice in wonderland (tim Burton Film)
4.Herbie The Love Bug
5. The Rookie
6. John Carter
7. Cars / Tron Legacy
8. Secretariat
9. Angels in The Outfield
10. Enchanted

Top 10 Romance /Romantic Comedies:

1.Kate & Leopold
2. 17 Again
3. The Notebook
4. Hitch / Something Borrowed
5. Crazy Stupid Love
6.You Me And Dupree
7. You Again
8. Valentines Day
9. Prom / The Ugly truth
10.Click / Mr Deeds

top 8 Favourite TV Shows:

1. Once Upon A time
2. Arrow
3. Castle
4. Elementary
5. Cold Case
7. Diners Drive Ins and dives
8. American pickers

Top 10 favourite actresses:

1. Emma Stone / Anne Hathaway
2.Drew Barrymore / reese witherspoon
3.Amy adams
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. rachel mcadams
6. Demi lovato
7. Annasophia robb / Kate hudson
8. Zooey Deschanel
9. Natalie portman
10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Top 10 Favourite Actors:

1. Adam Sandler / Bruce willis
2. Harrison ford
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Johnny Depp
5. Nicolas Cage
6. Ryan Gosling
7. Will Smith
8. Christian Bale
9. Tom Hanks
10. Will Ferell /steve Carell

Top 10 Favourite books:

1. To kill A mockingbird
2. Percy Jackson and the olympians series
3. The hobbit
4.The Chronicles of Narnia Series
5. The Outsiders
6. Where The red fern Grows
7. The Hunger games Trilogy
8. Romeo And Juliet
9. I am Number four
10. Bridge To terabithia

top 10 favourite DC Comics Characters:

1. Green Lantern
2. Superman
3. Green Arrow
4. Jonah Hex
5. Batman
6. Wonder Woman
7. Aquaman
8. Red
9. Flash
10. Martian manhunter

top 10 favourite Marvel Comics:

1. Captain America
2. Spiderman
3. The Avengers
4. Daredevil
5. Wolverine
6. Thor
7. Ghost Rider
8. Incredible Hulk
9. Iron Man
10. Fantastic four

Top 10 favourite Country Music artists:

1. Taylor Swift
2. Rascal Flatts
3. Tim Mcgraw
4. Keith urban
5. The Band Perry / Hunter hayes
6. Luke Bryan / Lee Brice
7. Jason Aldean / Randy Houser
8. Blake Shelton / Brad paisley
9. Carrie Underwood / Kellie Pickler
10. Florida Georgia Line / Lady Antebellum

Top 10 other music types Artists:

1. Def Leppard
2. Nickelback
3. Micheal Buble
4. Linkin Park
6. Bon jovi
7. Journey
8. Kelly Clarkson
9. Theory of a Deadman
10. Selena Gomez


"I follow everyday In life, All around is the medium, that becomes the inspiration , to a written of poems"

"everyday does give you the wisdom within every mistake ever made"

"Life maybe tough,But success is around the corner"

"When Deep in writing,The real feelings Can be said"

"in the writers Mind, Life is Like a Poem"

"The Writers Feeling that life itself , is the inspiration"

"even if the odds are stacked against you, keep fighting for that day to succeed"

"Life itself, is the inspiration of a poem"

"in a writers eye , Inspiration can come from anything"

"a keen eye , is the exploration of a discover life"

"A true Man , writes from within his Heart"

"any person can start a relationship, only a true lover can make it a lasting romance"

well should i bore you with this but thanks for reading youre a real pal.

Mr. Edward N. Pierrot
Professional Author / Writer / Poet
swiftie since 2006
Tc user: Poetic_Prince 13
twitter : @White_Knight13

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