Hi! :)

First of all, Welcome to my profile! I love to talk to you guys and read comments, so feel free to do whatever you feel like! I love you guys so so much. Thank you for visiting! :)

Before we start, I just wanted you guys to know that I will always be here for you to talk to! Feel free to PM me, add me, comment, do whatever you want...ok? Thank you for visiting.

Well, I think I'm going to tell you what I like, so that you know if you want to continue to read on or just click on something else just in the TaylorConnect section of the site..the forum or something:

Here are 13 facts about me...I hate talking about myself, but...here they are:
1. I love art, because it's a wonderful way to be able to express yourself in and it helps me a lot when I'm angry. I just paint, draw or play some music.
2. I am scared of dogs and cats...long story.
3. I am obssessed with this site...:)
4. I love Twitter more than Facebook.
5. I love jewelries and accessories and stuff.
6. I hate being scared.
7. I LOVE to bake and cook. I'm the kinda girl who makes herself steak with mashed potatoes and some kind of soup or pasta or anything when she's alone at home....I'm just a seafood and steak lover....
8. I love to put some nail polish on, but not the flshy ones, but more like the pink/ sparkly or white ones.
9. I love hair tutorials.
10. When I look at someone or something, I always make an image of how I can draw them on a sheet of paper...all the time...like howthe lines would be like and stuff...
11. I love to sing (used to be in a lot of choirs and do tours and stuff, but...stopped.)
12. I have a guitar in my room, but haven'T got the chance to learn how to play it yet.
13. My favorite season is December.

...People know that it's dangerous to give me a merker, because I just canT' control myself..it always finishes like this...:

13 of my favorite artists of all-time:
1. Taylor Swift
1.5 Ariana Grande
2. Demi Lovato
3. Justin Bieber
4. Selena Gomez
5. One Direction
6. Hunter Hayes
7. Carly Rae Jepsen
8. Cody Simpson
9. Ed Sheeran
10. Jordin Sparks
11. Fun.
12. Carrie Underwood
13. Conor Maynard

My role model is...


About myself:
Hello! My name is Naomie. I'm 15 yrs old and I love Taylor (like everybody does, on this site!). I was born on a 14th of July (midnight 13 of July). I'm 1/3 vietnamese, 1/3 Canadian, 1/3 Chinese. My parents are both born in Vietnam, but my dad doesn’t speak Vietnamese...only my mom does...It's kind of complicated, but I'll try to explain...So, in Vietnam, people speak French, Cantonese (Chinese) and/or Vietnamese. My dad's family would speak Vietnamese and cantonese, but when my dad came to Canada at age 6...he forgot his Vietnamese and kept the Cantonese, so now he only speaks French, Cantonese and English, but h still un derstands Vietnamese..just can't speak [vietnamese]! My mom came to Canada at age 7...she kept both Vietnamese & Cantonese, so she can speak both...she now speaks English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese. I also have a little brother named Tristan. He is 11 yrs old....he's so annoying...sometimes I care about him and he's so mean to me..so I put on the song 'Mean'...volume to the maximum so he can hear and understand that he hurt my feelings...If you have a little brother...you might understand! You love them...but just can't stop teasing them! It's a very complicated relationship that I have with him..it depends on the day! ...I speak Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and English..I absolutely LOVE learning languages! Other things that I love to do iare art and music (well, music is a form of art..what am I talking about?). I love painting, drawing, playing music, ... I love singing also, but not much people know that, so please keep it a secret..haha! :) I used to play soccer, badminton, tennis, swim, ski, snowboard,..I'm from Montreal,Quebec,Canada as you can see when you put your arrow on my avatar picture! haha! I love to see people laugh, smile, be happy,...I absolutely adore life!

[Edit 1 :)] So..about my personnality if you can call it a personnality...well, I'm not used to being attacked by people. I'm not used to the idea of people talking behind others' backs...I don't like getting into drama at school between couples or friends....When I get 'attack' by others I just panick...I'm not used to it, so I don't know what to do..I don't swear...just the idea of saying the F word scares me, because I'm not and will probably never be the beautiful and popular girl who is kind of rebellious and isn't shy...the girl who is so confident in herself that she can go talk to boys like they were her friends or just go give a hug to a boy..I can't. I'm more the asian girl with the glasses who tries so hard to be accepted and is kind of acting like she is so outgoing, but really isn't. Who has a lot of ''friends'' who aren't her friends ALL THE TIME. Who hasn't had anyone who would stand up for her, but who would do anything for her friends...I would do anything for them, but....they won't....I don't really care anymore I just want to be nice to people so they stay my friends...because I'm so insecure...about myself ...physically and mentally. I have friends, but...sometimes...they hang out together and I'm alone.....I won't lie...some days at school I've felt sooo lonely that I ate alone in a corner...in elementary school I've been that girl who ate alone in the washrooms....I have friends...just that...sometimes....sorry...It's just so hard to explain how I feel..sorry ...I'm trying not to tear up while writing this....eumh...Ya! So I'm really not as confident as I seem to be..maybe...I have sang on stages a lot of times..like on small and big stages...I've sang on the stage of a theater (L'Étoile) and I've also sang on small stage in senior/ retirement residences and on small school stages...but not much people know that...and..i wasn't alone on stage I had like 30 people with me, so it wasn't as scary...but it still was...and I think I gain a little tiny bit more confidence after those performances...but not much, so I'm still struggling with that issue...I always wanted ( like a lot of people) to be someone who wouldn't care about what people would say about me, but...I'm not...I do care....It scares me to go to school...I don't know what will happen..I don't know if my ''friends'' are going to let me down....if I'll talk to someone....If someone would tell me something I don't necessarily want to hear....every time I wake up in the morning to go to school...I'm scared....sometimes I feel better then other times....it depends..I just really feel like it's hard to get accept into like White people groups at school or other races groups at school, because I feel like they will always judge me on what I look like...even if my frriends would ALL be asians..I'll feel like they would judge me...as you can see I'm really not confident about myself...I always wonder what people will think about me...I d k why, but I do...and because of that I am worried about everything I do every actions every movement, because I'm scared that if one day I do something disgusting or too weird in front of my ''friends'' they will reject me...like people did when I was younger....it's very scary to think that one day you could have tons of friends and lose all of them because you didn't think...you did something and....:/ It's kind of getting to the point where I want to be accepted so bad..that I don't stay myself and that if my friends don't like Justin, I would say I don't like him either even if in my heart...I do love his music and everything he does...if they say they hate pickles and I have some in my sandwich I would say that I don't like them either even if I like pickles...I know it's wrong o change everything about you just to be accepted, but I have to..to get through high school years with friends and a social life....I've had a couple of friends in my life when I was younger with whom I could be completely myself, but with some..it's hard....you have to try to create some common things between them and you and you have to change your taste in things...some people don't have to change anything and they can be accepted, but I'm not one of them...:'(

Okay..so...sorry....I'll change subject...

14 is my favorite and lucky number. I was born on July 14th, 1998 and 14 is my lucky number, 'cause being 14 years old is so fun, it's been one of my favorite years EVER. Like ever. And everything has been great in my life. School. Music. Homework. And also, this number is in one of my favorite Taylor songs, Never Grow Up, and it says: ''At fourteen, there's just so much you can't do and you can't wait to move out and someday call your own shots''. It's so true...I can't wait to move...even though I love my parents...I love to be independent!

Okay! I won't lie to you...I have this little obssession with nail polish and markers...that's probably why I love to draw. I like to express my feelings through a painting or a drawing. I love nail polish, because it's basically painting, but you have it on you for at least a week and then you can erase it and do another one! I think it's very cool! I also really like markers...I don't know why, but when someone give me a sharpie when I'm bored (often at school), I just start drawing on everything around me: my agenda (when I'm at school), my friends, my arms,...everything except for school desks...I never will draw in desks...because I always feel bad after I do..I hate feeling bad. I just go crazy with markers....my friends know that and they make sure no markers are near by when I'm bored...'cause they know the danger of it![haha!]

I love music, as I told you a few minutes before. I play the flute and I'm learning to play guitar...I also sing. I joined a few choirs when I was 9...but when I entered the International Program in high school ( it is a special program that is better and more difficult than public schools, but alittle bit less than private schools! When you go into that program you have to do at least 15 hours a year, so that when you come out of it, you can have another diploma other than the one everyone has...the normal one that everybody receives at the end of high school)...I dropped everything. All my favorite sports, art classes and singing/choirs... But I promised myself that the day I'll have my week-ends back...I'll go back to drawing and singing! For sure! :) I won't let school destroy my dreams! One of my biggest dreams would be to meet Taylor, but....I guess in my mind..she isn't real...I'm not joking...I know she is..but ...If I don't meet her..I will always think she isn't! It's because I only see her on TV or on the computer...so in my mind she's ....not real! I don't know why ......I know she is.....Oh! It's complicated! :)

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for always being there for me. For always helping me go through bad days (everyday). For liking my Facebook fan pages, following me on Twitter, adding me, messaging me, talking to me, helping me. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I am sincerely thankful for having you in my life. Thank you.

Here are a few pictures of Taylor that I really love..all her pictures are flawless..those are just a few of them...:

Thank you so so much for visiting! I love you. Thank you for being so nice and being such an awesome second family! Oh! And don't forget...if you need to talk, I'm always there and you can comment, add me,...do whatever you want to do! :P

Here's one of my favorite Tay GIFs:

Top 10 songs of my favorite songs of this week:
1. Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran
2. Made In The USA - Demi Lovato
3. 22
4. Popular Song - MIKA ft. Ariana Grande
5. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
6. Treasure - Bruno Mars
7. Different Summers - Demi Lovato (Camp Rock 2)
8. Wouldn't Chande A Thing - Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato (Camp Rock 2 )
10. Best Song Ever - One Direction

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    hey I read your profile again today, and I found out that my personality is almost the same as yours. I'm not confident in front of people, and I don't really have a friend to hang out with...well yes I do, but I feel like I can't be myself when I'm around her, you know, like when she says she doesn't like Demi Lovato, I say 'me too' although I do like Demi in my heart.

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    Woaahhh you love school! That's great though, I do too. I just don't like the people there sometimes, girls my age can be incredibly mean. You speak those languages, that's so great. You can communicate with just about everybody. I can speak English and Spanish, I'm not completely fluent in spanish but my parents speak it all the time so I know how to understand it perfectly. It's just really awkward for me because my american accent will not go away when I try to pronounce to words so I usually just don't try. I do remember you saying that you wanted to be a pharmacist, that seems so awesome. I really want to be some type of writer or an editor. I'll probably shoot for something like a neurosurgeon though, just because it's practical. Your school system seems better, when I'm going to high school next year I'll be the youngest and since our age range isn't so large, I'll be there with 18 year olds. :/ Scarrryyy. xoxo Science class has always been fun, I love the experiments. The only thing is, my teacher last year was terrible! He was so nice, but his grading system was going by percentages. No matter what quality the work was, if you did it he'd give you the + whatever percentage it was, and if you didn't, then he'd give you - the percentage. You could turn do everything perfectly or above and beyond but he didn't care, it was all the same. >_<

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    Wowwww and you're only 15??? Haha, yeah, you're ambitious to say the least. High school in Canada sounds so awesome, and you only have 2 years left? That's really exciting. I'm 14, and next year I'll be in 9th grade. So amazing that you're going to New York. It seems so beautiful there. I live in Chicago which is another big city, but I've never been anywhere else. That's awesome that you'll be learning Chinese, knowing multiple languages is so cool and incredibly helpful. And you'll be helping out at a pharmacy, what'll you be doing? You're really sweet to help out your family. XD I've been having fun, it's been one week off of school. I've taken a break from all types of work, last year was really rough for me. I had to study so hard and I got into 3 advanced classes next year which seems like a lot to juggle. I really hope I won't have much trouble, I just want to get school over and done with. I can move onto college and start doing something with my life which is what I'm looking forward to the most. xoxo

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