My name is Beth
and there seems to be no word in my vocabulary
that could describe how much I love this girl called Taylor Alison Swift

She's s my idol, inspiration, and like a big sister;
she gives the best advice and is incredibly relatable ♡

My birthday is October 13th
And I am Seventeen and crazy, running wild ♡

I was lucky enough to be part of a crowd of 47,000 people in Melbourne
on december 14th at 7:30pm in 2013 and see the most amazing
show. The Red Tour.

I cannot put into words what I felt on that night,

it went from crazy, intense excitement, tears and screaming
when she came onto the stage, to the highest happiness during state of
grace, Holy Ground and red, then just total wonder and admiration during
the lucky one, mean, and 22. Then tears of absolute joy during begin again,
that song means so much to me, Then the excitement, vibe, pure awesomeness
of i knew you were trouble and then the tears and totally relatable sadness
of the beautiful song All too Well, then memories of the speak now tour
with love story, the beauty and subtly of treacherous and just the
fun of Never ever.

well, what do ya know, i did put it into words.

I went to Taylor's Speak Now concert on March 13th 2012
(funny enough, is the first show date of the red world tour)
It was at Rod Laver Arena and I sat in seat 133 (that counts).

I went with me best friend and some for her friends,
we all had matching handmade shirts that took us hours.

We were having the best time of our lives
and we got offered the choice to move down into the front pit (!!!!!!!!!)

I couldn't believe it I was so happy and I was crying,
she was singing 'Back to December'
(which was released on my birthday WHATT??! )
so that got me emotional as well

and it only got better when she came past and I touched her hand ♡
so I was kind of like this:

It was the most beautiful night of my life (like ever ♡)
not a day goes by where I am not grateful for all that happened

It was so incredibly magical,
it wasn't just a concert,
I didn't feel lost in the crowd for any one second
She makes you feel important, like you being there means everything

(thank you Taylor)

Taylor is my inspiration to follow your dreams,
no matter what people along the way may say to you
I admire her for a million things
things but that would take to long to list them

(but how cute is she though seriously) ♡

Someday I hope to be lucky enough to have the opportunity
to thank her for everything she has done for me,
all the advice,
the shoulder to cry on,
the magical concerts,
and making me fearless enough
to speak now
even when my emotions are insanely intense,
when they are RED ♡

I love filmmaking and this is what I dream of pursing,
but if that doesn't work out
ill just work for the behavioural analysis unit of the FBI with
Reid, Morgan, Emily, JJ, Hotch, Rossi and Garcia.

I have awesome friends who make me laugh
and I don't like ice skating, loud birds waking me up when I need the sleep
and wasps make me nervous

Thank you so much for taking time to read all of this,
I really appreciate it!
that's a promise ♡

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