Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:14 AM By: Morgan S

SOOO I am from rhode island and I decided two days before the concert that I wanted to drive four hours and go see Taylor. My friend and I bought really cheap tickets up in the highest section (215). We left around one and with traffic and everything didn't end up getting settled into the Prudential Center until around 6. We didn't realize how high our seats really were until we got all the way up there. There were these two really nice girls sitting in the row behind us that we immediately made friends with. We checked stubhub and noticed that there were four tickets in section 17 row 1 that had not been sold. We got to the section and were asked to see out tickets... I told the woman that my mom had our tickets at our seat and she let us go. Once we got down there a security guard asked to see our tickets and I said that my mom had them and was getting food (my mom wasn't even there). We were asked one more time by another woman and the mom fib worked again. Since we were on the side stage we were right where all the crew would stand and watch. Andrea Swift (taylor's mom) hugged us twice and Austin Swift (her brother) was standing directly in front of us. Paul also threw me a guitar pick. We had light up signs and were dancing like crazy to try and get into club red but we didn't get picked. Even though we didn't get picked we had such an amazing time and we sat front row when we really had basically the highest row. I am going to both days for the Gillette concert, sitting in the pit one night. I absolutely cannot wait 119 days until I see RED again...... it was BEYOND AMAZING and I will start planning now to try and get into club red at gillette. A lot of people had really creative signs and the crowd looked so cool I hope everyone had a great time.

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    On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 2:20 PM, Morgan S said:

    Yeah I'm really hoping for Club Red I am going to both Gillette shows and sitting in the pit the second night so I realllllly have to work hard the first night haha are you going?

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    On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 5:36 PM, TaySwizzle62 said:

    Wow good for you!!! That's so funny you got passed 3 security people. Haha nice. Maybe next time you could meet Taylor. Are you going to see her at Gillette this summer?

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