Hi! I'm Ash and I'm 17 years old :) I love Taylor Swift and have a major obsession with her and 1D! Follow me on twitter if ya want @ash__Cameron (and instagram ashcam96) !! ;) Have a general love for music and do a bit of singing and dancing around the house, though I also love designing and making clothes and costumes!
My Swiftie-ness dates back to the release of Love Story in the Uk and I first heard it in my maths lesson in September 2008 and immediately loved and went home and searched for it on youtube and showed my sister and then my best friend and since then we've all been maaa-hooosive Taylor Swift fans. I distinctly remember us three sitting in her garden on a picnic rug playing the album Fearless outloud and singing along to it not caring about anyone who could here! Gradually I have become more and more crazy about Taylor Swift and she is one of my idols and quite frankly I wish I was her!! :L
I also love love LOVE One Direction and am absolutely, completely and utterly obsessed with them also! Since they were on X-factor I loved them, but it wasn't until November 2011 when their video for One Thing came out that I became a directioner- a crazy one! Since then my brain has been filled with thousands of useless facts about them and qoutes of things they've said, which I repeat all the time-- which drives my family up the wall! I literally can't help it though, and I am the same way with Taylor Swift and also with Little Mix who are also my idols!! Also how can I not mention my love of 5sos!! Mikey, Luke, Calum and Ashton are just amazing song writers and musicians and I have been lucky enough to have seen them twice when they toured with 1D last year! Though I'm hoping to go and see them when they're back in the UK with their own tour! ;D
They are my favourite artists, however I could give you an endless list of songs and artists and bands which I absolutely love, but you will probably be here all day reading this bio thing and there's a lot to read here already!!
I am also a slight book-worm and have read almost all of the Michael Morpurgo books when I was ten, and also read the Twilight-Saga, The Hunger Games, The Host and of course the Harry Potter series! Other things I love include Doctor Who, Merlin (though I still haven't seen the last episode as I know I will weep because it's finished), clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery, writing (though I don't think I'm very good at it), dogs and I love love love love cats!!
Anywaaays, thanks if you've read all of this- I know it's quite a treck! haha but I shall end it here until I can find out how to put pictures on this thing too! When that time comes I shall fill my profile page with many many Taylor Swift, One Direction and Little Mix pics!!

This is me when I fangirl! :L And when I listen to songs I really love, like Taylor Swift or OneDirection I like to dance around like this...

Thank you so much if you've read all this!

Please read my most recent blog: These are the photos of my A-level textiles project, please post on the blog or on my wall with your comments/opinions on it as I need feedback for the evaluation pages of my coursework. My project design brief was to design and make a garment suitable for an exhibition, inspired by white tigers. :)

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