First of all, let me say: Thank you SO much for taking the time to come on here! I love you already!!! :)

HI! I"m Marlene! ...usually when I introduce myself, this is where always feel like ranting about how flawless and amazing Taylor is, but you all already know that. Plus, I don't even have to think twice when I write: OMS!!!! I LOVE TAYLOR MORE THAN I CAN DESCRIBE IN WORDS!!!! None of you here would even question that. I could spend hours on here and none of you would wonder why I bother being on TC so long. I guess us swifties just understand each other like that :) So send me a friend request :D I love meeting swifties :)

Here's13 really random things about me:

1. My birthday's september 24th. I'm 15 now :D

2. I'm 1/2 german, 1/2 chinese....it's kinda rare :P

3. I have a younger brother, who can be VERY annoying...but also nice to have around sometimes ;)

4. I play piano, violin, and guitar. I've played piano since I was 4, violin since I was 8, and i got a guitar last christmas...so i'm pretty bad at that XD

5. I've been to Germany 11 times....but that's pretty much the only place in europe i've been to

6. I speak chinese, german, and english...well, the english part was obvious. I'm also learning spanish in school

7. My favorite season can be very confusing. I tell people that my favorite season is fall because it means that it will soon be winter, with is actually my favorite season...but if i said my favorite season was winter, then that would mean that spring is next, and spring means i have to wait another year for winter to come again....if you understood that, you're pretty amazing :D but pretty much, my favorite season's fall.

8. I have an old cat who's name is Mimi :) she's 20 and even older than me....

9. I just changed from a really small private school to a pretty big private school where I only know 3 people out of, like, 2,000. So, it's been kinda hard for me at school with friends and stuff like that since I don't naturally have confidence to walk up to someone and introduce myself to them...

10. Yes, I do realize that I use "....." WAY too much and I also realize I've been really repetitive throughout this whole thing ;)

11. I play tennis and do tae kwon do, but i've never been good at sports

12. I love meeting new people, and I love hanging out with friends, especially swifties :D I don't really have any friends from school/people that I've met who are swifties...BUT, I have all of you to talk to about taylor!!! :D

13. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! (i think you may have been able to figure that out on your own.....)

My favorite book: The Mortal Instruments. OMG. This is literally pure genius! Okay...and if you've read it...friend me/PM me/COMMENT. We'll get along perfectly (except...I GET SIMON. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. XD)

My favorite album right now: 1989!!!!!!!!

13 of my favorite songs (no particular order):
1. Long Live
2. Sparks Fly
3. Starlight
4. Our Song
5. All Too Well
6. Invisible
7. Love Story
8. Jump Then Fall
9. Untouchable
10. If This Was A Movie
11. Back To December
12. Stay Stay Stay

Okay, well now 1989's out and its AMAZING!!!!!!! So, I've got to add a few more songs to this list....

My favorite songs on 1989 (no order...) :
1. Wildest Dreams
2. Blank Space
3. Out of the Woods
4. Style
5. I Know Places

So...some things that you might want to know (and these aren't really happy ones...)

One of the things I've always wanted the most was a best friend. Someone who I'd be able to say anything to and not be judged. It just seems that by now, everyone already has a best friend or multiple ones, and don't really feel like I fit in anymore. You always get those questions on language tests or just in english class that are like "What do you and your best friend do together?" or something like that...and that just makes me question even more whether there will ever be anyone who would want me to be that one friend who they trust the most. Maybe it's something about me...but I really hope I'll meet someone like that eventually...

I realize now that joining TC was one of the best choices I've made in my life. I'm really insecure especially when it comes to saying opinions since I'm scared of what people will think of them. In the past, I haven't had good experiences when I tell people about Taylor's flawlessness. Especially since I don't have that many friends at school now, I'd never say anything about liking Taylor at school unless I somehow, magically, met a swiftie there. So far, that hasn't happened yet...I really hope you understand that and you won't judge me for this. I'm absolutely as much of a swiftie as you, i just show it differently than some. I don't think I've ever told a lot of these things to anyone but I decided to tell you because, even though I haven't actually met any of you, I know I can trust each and every one of you just through being part of this big swiftie family. I just want you to know that I trust each and every one of you more that I trust some of the people I've known for almost my whole life. I don't even really know why...it just feels right. When I'm on TC, everything feels right again. Like it used to be when I had lots of friends and no one cared if you likes something or someone that they didn't like. So thank you all for always being there for me every time when I have a bad day at school or just need someone to talk to. You're honestly the best thing I could wish for, and I don't know if you know how much it really means to me when I see that one of you took the time just to send me a friend request, comment, or PM me. I couldn't ask for anything that's better than you.


Again, Thank you SO much if you bothered to read all of this this.
I love you like I love Taylor and sparkles. And that's real love.

Me when a Taylor song plays on the radio and I'm in a friend's car:

BUT...inside my head:

Me when I meet a non-swiftie who completely dismisses the fact that taylor is amazing (i guess that's the nice way to put it...):

~Random Graphics that I like~

(by the way, if any of these graphics are yours, tell me and i'll give you credit :D)

Before you leave, don't forget:


Well, I hope you come back soon ;)

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  1. mosaicbrokenheartx avatar

    On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 12:55 PM, mosaicbrokenheartx said:

    I understand, I hadn't been active here either, if I hadn't those 3 people I talk to I wouldn't come here at all, which is sad, because I was obsessed with this site at first. I love summer too, no studying or waking up early, lots of free time... I dislike the fact that I'm at home 90% (the rest I'm at the beach with my family), because I have pretty much no one to go out with... I had told you about talking to my friends about the fact that I don't like their behaviour towards me, but, well, that didn't happen. I'm actually scared to voice my doubts and sometimes I'm like "This might all be in my head, and if I talk to them they'll think I'm overreacting about nothing". This year will be my first in high school, and I will be classmates with only one of my closest friends (I consider her to be my closest friend, but I don't think she does, too. I'm in a group of three with her and another girl, and they seem to be closer than they are with me, I don't know why, though. They don't seem to trust me as much as they trust each other, which is uncalled for, since I always keep their secrets and I don't talk badly about them behind their backs or something. Sometimes I feel like they don't truly like me... Idk. I guess we're just not meant to be best friends.) I'm kind of excited and optimistic about this year, I'll try to be more sociable and outgoing, in order to meet new friends, and hopefully meet one that I can call my best friend. Summer break here started in the 19th of June and school starts September 11th, you ? July 6th I went on vacation with my family in an island, where my father grew up and we met our relatives etc. and we returned August 2nd. What have you been doing ? I like reading other people's profiles here, so don't worry. Thank you so much for reading mine, too, and for liking the gifs ! (they weren't made by me, I just found them).

  2. mosaicbrokenheartx avatar

    On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 10:47 AM, mosaicbrokenheartx said:

    Don't worry about the late reply. And I found your page very interesting and it felt good to find someone that feels the way I do. And I didn't find your comment too long or annoying, I completely understand what you're saying, because I go through these things too. Most of the time I feel that I'm not wanted by my friends, and when I finally do feel like one of them, they kind of start "ignoring" me again. I haven't talked to them about it, but I am planning on doing so, in order to see if they truly are my friends :/ Idk, sometimes they seem so nice and friendly to me, but other times it's like I'm invisible to them... I have no Swiftie friends either. One of my friends was like : I used to like Taylor, but now she's got a bit out of control... When I heard it, I was like "whaaaat ??" in my head, and when i asked her why she thinks that, she said, "well, she's done some things.." I didn't bother asking for more details, since I knew her answers would be silly and most likely untrue or insignificant. I haven't brought up Taylor to her ever since. Well, nothing fun happened to me over the last couple of months, but during the summer my computer started having problems and I couldn't use it, so we took it to a technician (repeatedly), but he couldn't find the problem. We took it to another one and he couldn't fix it either. My father told him to try changing something, he did, and now my computer is fixed ! I'm so happy, because I basically had no computer all summer long (my father allowed me to use his if I wanted, but it's not the same). So yeah, the most exciting thing that has happened to me since September is the fact that I finally got my computer fixed...

  3. ReaganLuvsTaylor avatar

    On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 12:30 PM, ReaganLuvsTaylor said:

    hey I am looking through my friends to find who entered my songwriting contest. did you happen to...?

  4. Rose Garden Filled With Thorns avatar

    On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 11:59 AM, Rose Garden Filled With Thorns said:

    Hi thx for the friend request :)

  5. Fran avatar

    On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 2:14 AM, Fran said:

    wow that's a lot of times :) Hope you have fun!
    No, I haven't been to the christkindlesmarkt yet. we wanted to go there yesterday after having dinner downtown but there were sooooo many people so we decided against it :(
    aww don't worry about you're grammar. it's pretty complicated and as long as people can understand you it's not a problem :) yeah i had english class in school (grade 3 - 12). during college i also had english class and some other classes and tests were in english.

  6. Vanessa loves Taylor Swift avatar

    On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 4:47 AM, Vanessa loves Taylor Swift said:

    No ! Yor's better !!!!!!!! I wish mine would look more like yours ;))

  7. Fearless Swiftie 13 avatar

    On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 7:40 PM, Fearless Swiftie 13 said:

    I'm doing great, How are you? How was your day? :D

  8. Haunted_One54 avatar

    On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 3:37 AM, Haunted_One54 said:

    Thank you for the friend request... it's a wonderful way to start the day by finding I have one:) Thank you again...
    I admire you -- being able to speak a different language is hard, but I think you speak three of the hardest languages around! Good for you! (I know English is the only one I know, but it's confusing enough! I can only imagine how difficult the other two must be to learn too)
    Take care, be safe:)

  9. endearingswxft avatar

    On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:56 PM, endearingswxft said:

    omg ya! they are all cool! I LITERALLY LOVE EVRYONE OF THEM TOO! sorry for the late reply btw, i haven't been able to login on a regular basis:/ I'm more active on twitter. do you have a twitter account?

  10. linsjuh6 avatar

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 3:52 AM, linsjuh6 said:

    I'll try. School is good so far, I have a nice class and they are very helpful if you don't get it XD The lessons are fun but I don't like biology.. I'm more of a number person but I have to pass Biology too so that is difficult. And how is school for you ?

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