Hello There! My name is Tharushi. I’m 22 years old and I was born on a December. I live near the capital of SL. I’m here in TC for the same reason why all of you are here. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan since the day I first accidently heard ‘Love Story’ playing on TNL Rocks. Thought it was my first day of hearing that song, I almost remembered the whole chorus at the 1st shot. Then it happened to be a habit. Even now, when I hear a Taylor Swift song for the 1st time, I always get all the lines sunk into my brain cells. I wonder why I can’t do it with organic chemistry or an equation in painful applied mechanics. I’d tried to sing my lessons along with a favourite song and remember it when I was learning geography, but it only made me hate my favourite song. :D
Apart from Taylor, I love Avril Lavigne, John Meyer, Shania Twain, Daughtry, Linking park, Lady Antebellum Westlife and some more… I don’t have a thing called ‘My favourite song’, But I have a whole lot!!! These are some of my favourite songs…
1. Back to December- I think I should rank this as first because this is probably a song that makes me cry. Though it’s not the saddest song of Taylor, I think this one has the best lyrics.
2. Tim McGraw- As Taylor Swift’s first song, this is so perfect. This is my favourite music video and there’s something I’ve realized from this song. Don’t ever put the letters you’ve written to your loved one in a box beneath your bed!! Just let him/her read them :D
3. Long Live- Well… I haven’t read the inspirations of this song or I don’t remember it now. As I feel, it’s about a high school love. Wow!! It just makes you remember what a crazy, wild life you had when you were schooling…
4. Innocent- True friends never leave you when you’re feeling miserable. This song is just nice because it makes you feel like there’ll always be a person in this planet to give you a hand and a second chance when you’re wrong.
5. Begin Again- You may have a few disagreements with your most special person, but if you take a closer look, you’ll always find a bunch of agreements! This is about a perfect love I’m dreaming of!
6. Ours- Nothing to say. This song is too darling!!!
7. Dear John- too heartbreaking. Great lyrics. I just get a feeling; Taylor has once been with a vampire dude! LOL!!
8. Enchanted- I think this one has a deeper meaning than its words…
9. Love Story- My second favourite music video! Isn’t it awkwardly amazing to find your prince almost sleeping under a tree of the college? LOL!!
10. Sparks Fly-I listen to this when I’m happy. My favourite live music video.
11. The Story of Us- Sparkling! This has happened to me once! I love this song!!!
12. If This Was a Movie- It’s nothing about this song’s inspirations or lyrics. I love the music. Just like it’s written in, a pouring, thundering rainstorm crashes into my head when I’m listening to this magical song.
13. I need you now- This is the saddest song I’ve ever listened.

I can’t exactly say what album I like the most. It differs from time to time. When Taylor released Fearless, I loved ‘Taylor Swift’ the most. When the Speak now era came, I really thought Fearless was the best. But now when all the people are talking about RED, I find Speak now the coolest! Maybe that’s the magic of the time and my age. I have already crossed Taylor Swift and Fearless age and now I must be in the speak now stage of my life. So I have to SPEAK NOW!!!! So crazy….
Well, enough music talk. I have to write something about myself too. (LOL! I think this should come to the top.)
I love astronomy, writing, reading, music, painting, photography, origami and crafting. Plus dreaming of Prince Charmings!!
About astronomy, I really thought it would be my whole life and the future. I wanted to be in NASA. But that dream is bit shattered by now. Anyway, now I’m planning to give a break to my career dreams and go with the flow just for a little while. Well…. It’s real hard, I’ve never been a girl in the band wagon…That’s why my friends call me weird…. Anyway…. It’s only a little safe tip for now.
Writing is my biggest happiness. I write science fictions, Young Adult fictions, fantasy and anything that walks into my head. I write when I’m coming through a hard time. Sometimes it helps a lot.
I love reading Nicholas Sparks books. They always make me cry. Though my friends say that’s so weird of me; starting to read a book knowing you’re definitely going to tear up, I really can’t stop it.
Painting is just a passion. I’m not an expert in drawing. But I love painting. Mixing water colors and making the brush strokes carefully make me happy and free.
I do close up nature photography. I’m not an expert, but it’s so nice. I love to run after little insects annoying them and waiting for the best moment of a little flower that has been totally hidden from the world.
I believe origami is another word for meditation. If you don’t fold and crease the paper from the 100% right point, you’ll never make it. It’s the best method to learn how to concentrate on a work and develop your accuracy.
Prince charming are just adorable!! ;) I think a girl should dream of such things at least once in her life. A handsome prince, a white horse, a white dress, a palace on the clouds above silver mountains, fluttering fairies and a happy ending….. Wooh!! Your prince can be somewhere in this planet though he’s always not riding a white horse. He can be there in a pond as a frog, under someone’s spell!!! LOL!!!
I’m a cat person. I had a big chubby, gray cat who was like Garfield. I think cats are adorable when they want to stick into the best cushion in the home and sleep the whole day. They are majestic, hot tempered and warm all the time even the environment is minus degrees. My cat was so nice when he got angry. So I used to annoy him by hugging, kissing and waking him up from his damn long sleeps! Though he slept the whole day time, had had long long walks in the streets it the nights. So cute! I wonder if he wanted to discover a new land of his own… or he loved to stare at the starry sky just like me!! LOL!
Hmm…. I have this habit of updating my TC wall about once in four of five months, commenting on all the blogs I see and putting likes on everything my friends post in FB. I’m a girl who forgets my passwords all the time, so I never hit the ‘Remember me’ or ‘Keep me logged in’ thing because I don’t need to keep on forgetting them. So weird me!
Uhhh….. There’s so many weird, crazy facts about me, but I don’t think I should freak you out by writing everything here, right now. So….. I’ll end this up with my favourite quotes by Taylor…
“Life isn’t all about surviving the storm,
It’s about dancing in the rain………………”

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, Why change????”

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