I love Taylor too much for my own good.
Speak Now World Tour: October 22, 2011
The Red Tour: May 28 and 29, 2013
The 1989 World Tour: August 17 and 18, 2015

I want EVERYONE to know how extremely grateful I am for Taylor Alison Swift. Excuse me while I literally tear up writing this. Growing up, everyone has their favorite artists. When I was seven I thought I idolized NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, anyone who was at the top of the charts in the late 90s. But I have never idolized anyone more than I do Taylor Swift. I remember hearing her in 2006, my freshman year of high school, when her first single came out. Tim McGraw. I was on MySpace, of course, and stumbled upon the song on a friend’s profile. And I remember thinking,Who is this girl and why did she write a song about Tim McGraw?!I thought the song was legitimately just about Tim McGraw after only reading the title and not actually listening. But then I listened. And I loved it. Of course I loved it. I bought her cd, listened to it all the time. But it seemed like it was just another one of those idols that I would forget about as I grew older. But then her next cd came out. And I bought it. And I listened to it all the time. I made it a point to watch her SNL special and record it. And I started to realize that maybe this wasn’t an idol I would forget about as I grew older. She was literally attached to me. 2010 rolled around, and I started my freshman year of college. Speak Now came out, and as soon as classes were over, I rushed to the Target that was literally 20 feet away from campus and bought the deluxe edition and a t-shirt, of course. Then I ran to my dorm and listened to it all day. During my freshman year, I had a lot of issues. To the point where I broke down because of how alone I felt. And the one person that got me through all of that was Taylor Swift. I had so many thoughts in my head where I had wanted to hurt myself because the whole time I was at school, I never felt good enough. Taylor’s attitude, her music, and her overall being saved me from that. October 22, 2011, I went to my first Taylor Swift concert. Seats weren’t great, but that didn’t matter. Being in the same room as the girl who constantly saved me was enough. And I cried. The whole time. I never thought I would ever see her live. But I was there. And it happened. And it was the best experience of my life. And then Red. And of course I bought it, and I listened to it ALL the time. As I get older, I am able to relate these songs to much more personal experiences, and with the things I still go through now, having her new music and all her past music to be able to relate to really helps me get through everything. With 1989, I have found a whole other level of songs to relate to. I have songs about being strong and standing up for myself. I've always been weak. Taylor's new album, while it hasn't been out long, has made me look at myself and my issues I deal with in a totally different way. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I feel better about myself. To this day, at 22 years old (why yes, I am feeling 22), I sit here and cry whenever I see or hear Taylor. This isn’t just an idol and it's not an obsession. She’s my role model. She’s my savior. She's someone I dedicate my life to because of all she has done for me. And I could never thank her enough for that, even though she doesn’t know it. If I could ever tell her all of this and thank her, I would. I’m so thankful for Taylor Swift. Thank you for everything, Taylor. Thank you for helping to save me and helping me get through the toughest moments in my life.

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    How much did you love the RED concert?

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    Wow,u changed ur avatar.
    U r skinny.
    However,Kimberly,u looked attracted!
    I wish my English could good enough to write a long article to thank Taylor like u.
    U wrote this paper at 20?
    U don't look like 20......

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    Y'all are so pretty (: like Tay....

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    I'm sorry, I had a busy week, so, I was away from TC so badly :(

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    Head ache :(

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