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my name is Kerri! THank you for visiting my page! Before we get to talking about my taylor obsession here is some stuff u would probz like to know about me. i live in the USA on the east coast in Pennsylvania. GO Phillies! LOL ! I have the greatest friends in the world. and i love cheerleading. CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT! just putting that out there. sometimes i can be competitive over other things besides cheerleading. haha My favorite Tv shows are iCarly,Dance Moms,Pretty Little Liars, and Cheer Perfection. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift and i love her so much. You probz haven't ever heard of Taylor Swift she is just crazy famous and perfect. I am obsessed with the word bro and i can't really control when i say it or type it. LOLZBRO!

MY TAYLOR STORY: in 2006 i was lets see... 5 years old and my two older sisters got her cd. i didn't really care that much who they listened to because was in lala land. but i remember when my oldest sister would dance around in her room to the cd. I remember being obsessed wit teardrops on my guitar at age 6.
In 2008 i became completely obsessed with Love Story and i remember when i was seven going somewhere with my friend listening to radio disney and hearing hey stephen.
In June 2009, my sister had to babysit for her friends younger brother and sister because her and her friend went to different schools and her friend didn't get out of school yet but my sister and i did and her younger brother and sister did.So my sister babysat for them and her younger sister asked if i could come play with her because she was only a year older than me and my sister had the you belong with me music video on her phone and i loved it!
Christmas 2009 MY sister got 3 tickets to the Fearless Tour and she didnt take me.
2011: i was almost positive i was going to the speak now tour. But. My. Mom.Said.No.
2012: I started collecting merchandise and igot my first Single Cd in August (WANEGBT Single). I also got Wonderstruck in June 2012.
On December 25th 2012. I got Tickets to the RED Tour for july 20th 2013 at Lincoln Finacial Field, Section 105,row 13. i was the happiest 11 year old ever.
JULY 20TH 2013!: THE RED TOUR HAPPENED AT 10:45 P.M. !!!!!!!!! (there was a rain delay and scary lightning and thunder that started a minute before she was coming on!)

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    On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 2:52 AM, piano725 said:

    I LOVE your graphics!

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    Happy Birthday, Kerri! :)

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    Your icon is adorable!

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    Hey, I'm entered into a contest to meet Taylor Swift here.. http://apps.facebook.com/mtvuktaylorswift/contests/267989/voteable_entries/58469958! It would mean the world to me if you could press the vote button! Meeting Taylor is my biggest dream, so any help I can get would be appreciated more than I can say.
    Thank you so much.

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    hey love you!

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    Thanks for the friend request, what's up?

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    hey girl i love ur profile picture!!!

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    Thank you! :)

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    You are so wonderful! Your so sweet! No matter what, I am here for you!

    - LLS13

    I love your profile!

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