Hello All :)

I'm just an every day girl trying to find her place in this world. I write songs out of enjoyment and as an escape to feel emotions that I try to hide from the ones who throw rocks at things that shine. I take singing and violin lessons and am currently teaching myself guitar, ukulele, banjo and piano. Oh, and I'm a proud band geek.

If you're someone that I know personally - congratulations you have found my secret life!! Behind that shy, quite nerd is someone who shows all those feelings you don't see, through my songs. Just keep it discrete because I enjoy my secret life. Don't ever try to use this against me because I am proud of who I am and what I do on the other side of the computer screen.

My beautiful Tanglewood guitar is called Flynn :D Tangled..Flynn Rider..you get the picture ;)

My favourite artist, above all is Taylor Swift without a doubt. She is such an inspiration to me and she taught me to never doubt LOVE. I wish I could meet her one day, give her a hug and just say thank you. She's given me hope and I don't ever want to lose that. I remember the first song I had ever heard of hers was Love Story, and of course I fell in love. I definitely wish I became a Swiftie earlier. Her songs are true, and that's all I ever want to be. I know there are people who only like an artist for a few of their select songs. I am not one of those. I love an artist for every song, every moment and every note. Not their few hits.

I joined Taylor Connect so I could get your opinion on my songs. I've been writing for a while now and I've been dying to see what others think of them. I would love for you to have a look at any of my songs and give me some feedback. This is the first time I have shared them with anyone and I would be absolutely HONORED if you took the time to read a word, line, verse or even the whole thing.

Oh and please visit the amazing, talented Topaz and her graphic shop :) she made my avatar and profile banner and please support her incredibleness!!

The one thing that I love more than Taylor and my passion for music is my Jesus Christ. He has set me free and the reason I am here is because of Him. I love Him to the ends of the universe and back. I've started up a group called White Stone and you can find the link off to the side under Click for Prayer :). Please feel free to just post something that you would like prayer for. It's a safe environment for everyone! My favourite verse is 1 Corinthians 13:13 - [And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.] I know that many of you say that the reason you're who you are is because of Taylor, but the reason I am who I am is because of God. If you'd love to learn more about Him please message me because He LOVES YOU!!

Feel free to friend - I would love to meet you all!

Stay fearlessly beautiful, every single one of you :)

Love Rose S xx

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    entered your songwriting contest thing;p

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    hi want to be friends

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    No problem love! :D

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    Hi there! Love your profile

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    Thanks for the request!!!:D

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    Hey! I really love your profile! :)

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    That's so awesome! :D I am SO excited for you! Congrats! I am pretty good, thanks for asking! :)

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    Hey Rose!! :D Thank you so much for the friend request!!! :) How are you? :D

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    Mine is All Too Well also!

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