Well hello people of earth. (unless you're like not a person... or not on earth... or live in Narnia...)
My name's Isabella, I'm 14, but act like a 5 year old most of the time. I'm the girl with brown curly hair, green eyes, smiles way too much, and gets excited way too easily. I tend to play with my hair a lot too.

I love a lot of things... well okay I love like everything. Except like spiders and bugs and ghosts and stuff like that.

Okay lets do a list to make this easier.

I also love One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Matt Kearney, Nina Nesbitt, Cher Lloyd, TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Owl City, Cold Play, Andy Grammer, Joe Brooks, Demi Lovato, Regina Spektor, Amanda Seyfried (yes she's a singer. Look up Little House by her.), etc. etc.

Favorite Actor: Andrew Garfield, Josh Hutcherson, and Benedict Cumberbactch

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawerence

Favorite Book: gosh too many! I love The Chronicles of Narnia though! HUUUUGE fan of it. Seriously. asdfghjkl;.

Fave Movie: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe probably. I don't know I like a lot of movies! haha. Also, The Avengers. Hm... what else...

Favorite TV Show: asdfghjkl; so many! Probably Downton Abbey. And my recent obsession: SHERLOCK asdfghjkl; such a good show!!!


Obsessions: ugh too many. lol but um...Nutella, Klondike Bars, books, Tay Swift (dur) movies, friends, guys, guy friends, British accents (asdfghjkl), Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of The Rings, Paris, Old fashioned stuff, vintage stuff, telephone booths (like, red ones that are in London), Sherlock, anything in a bright red, Christmas, guitar, music, Autumn, birdcages, JESUS (why didn't I put this first?), The Catholic Church (this should also be first... er second...) glitter, sparkles, anything shinny, snow, snowballs, snow globes, sunshine, FOOD, hot chocolate, and graphic designing.

Those are just a few things! (:

Oh and I love fashion. I have a here, you should go follow me :o click here. (: (note, a lot of my stuff isn't fashion.........)

Oh but real graphic design stuff... well... I'd say I've gotten pretty good at it... (;

Well that's about it! :D

Thanks so much for reading all this stuff! It really means a lot. You're so cool.

Well, have a wonderful life, cause you ARE wonderful.

Some of my graphics:

Some of my favorite grapics ever! and more!

^Kate (TaylorHeart13)
R.I.P. Jenna Cole, a true swiftie and lover of Taylor, Swifties and TC.
come on baby with me we're gonna fly away from here...

^Savanah (thatlingeringquestion)
I love guitar! Thank you Taylor. And thank you to Savanah for this FLAWLESS signature!

^Melon (UnbrokenLove)
Come Back... Be Here. I love that song so much, as much as I love this graphic!

^Joni (the kingdom lights)

This song is the most beautiful, perfect, fabulous, amazing song ever written by my beautiful friend Topaz. ILYSM. THANK YOU! It describes my life so well...
So tell me, baby, is this all in my mind?
‘Cause suddenly you’re the one thing taking over my life
And tell me, darling, is it all in my head?
‘Cause I keep feeling there’s a million words going unsaid
Am I imagining the way you make my heart feel?
Or is this love truly something real?

My friends here on TC! (I LOVE YOU ALL TO DEATH SO PM ME!)
Kathryn (Kitkat)
Hannah (Mrs. Tomlinson)
Camryn (Unicorn)
Anais (Flawless)

I'm forgetting like a gazillion people! I love you all!!

^^ I LOVE YOU TOO UNICORN!!! pegicorns forever. lol

Come back soon!

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    On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 6:26 PM, forevernalways said:

    well hello! I think it's been a while since I've seen you! maybe I'm just I all the wrong places, though...
    anyway! good to see you around again! Stay fearless!

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    Love your profile-it's so flawless! <3

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    Thanks For The Adding me! I Love Your Profile! :)

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