The Untold story behind SPEAK NOW

Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 2:26 AM By: Sparkleloves13


Speak Now album means a lot to me :)
Thank you so much Taylor for making it.
Because of Speak Now I learned to Speak what I want to say. (Honestly, I'm not proud of being swifties before. I like taylor for a years but I don't join to any of her fandom before but after the Speak now released That's when I felt that I really really need to become a swifties :)
(If you ever know before I'm very embarrass to share Taylor's Pic. I don't want my friends to see me listening to her music nor watching her videos and even borrowing my phones because It's full of Taylor Swift Suff.Everything about my obsession to her stuffs, I keep it myself for 2 years.(because I'm scared that if my friends knows about it, they will tease me) ahah I can't believe I did that before. and Now I realized nothing to be embarrass about. TAYLOR SWIFT is such a sweet and inspiration to us)

I joined Taylor Connect. I created tumblr for Taylor. My twitter is about Taylor. My Facebook is full of taylor. I'm not scared of anyone who would say "I'm sick of Taylor" Blah blah! I proud to defend her :) I'm not scared to tell my friends everything about Taylor! ahaha My friends support me for what I want! even for taylor!- lucky to have them so do TAYLOR in my life Omy! and now I CAN SAY I'M A PROUD SWIFTIES :)

This is the Untold story of me for becoming a Proud Swifties :)

Love.Love.Love TAYLOR SWIFT Forever and Always!

(from the very Beginning, I really can't live a day without listen to her music. Her music, her stuffs are like a drug to me) -- Sorry Taylor and Thank you for teaching me! :)) I love you so much!!

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    On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 2:56 AM, happy13 said:

    don't let people control you, just be yourself and if your friends don't like it then maybe they are not friends, as we all know Taylor is nice,sweet and she an inspiration to many people out there. Take care and as Miss Swift would say be fearless not fearful

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