Hello! First off i'd like to thank you for checking out my profile, I know it's taking some off your precious time away so I hope you enjoy reading all this. I'm Naomi, i'm 15 years old and currently living every day like it's my last cause I realize I won't stay young forever. I send my time doing a lot of things. School, obsessing over a girl named Taylor Swift(I'm sure you know her she's really popular), Listening to music(Mostly Taylor Swift), Riding my horse, Riding or racing my BMX bike, or training for BMX. I'm not really a normal girl, I don't text a lot of people. I don't have a boyfriend(Don't want one). I don't have a lot of sleep overs. I play a sport that is defiantly a boy sport. And I don't have a lot of friends. But I like it that way. I'm always open to having new friends on here though, so message me? Maybe? Hopefully?

On January 17 2014 Grant RT and replied to me on twitter.(I called my mom screaming with excitement).

I do need to get pictures of my room so for now, I will tell you it has a lot of picture of Taylor in it. And I mean a lot.

Taylor, Grant, Paul

Me in the gate- did I mention my track name is Fearless?

You belong with me

Alise Post

Okay last picture.

Fearless Dreamer is my 17 hh Thoroughbred/Quarter horse mix. I convinced my parents to get him for me 3 yrs ago because I was quickly advancing in my riding skills(I had been taking lessons for six years before I got him). He is an amazing horse and he is defiantly my stress reliever. Every time I ride him it relaxes me.

Molly Momoo is a 6 yr old boxer. She is the most hyper dog I have ever met she always wants to play, and play some more. She never seems to calm down. At the dog park she enjoys jumping over the other dogs who are totally baffled by it.(Sorry for the bad picture it's the only time I could get her to hold still).

Angel Rose is my first dog, she is 8 yrs old. She's an amazing. She's probably my best friend. She always wants attention and has been there with me through everything. She may be getting a little old but she's still very active.

Taylor is my 3 yr old cat. I convinced my parents to get her for me on my 13th birthday. Yes I named her after Taylor Swift, it wasn't my intention but when we picked her up she was in the back seat sitting there and she just looked like a little Taylor. She can sit, stay, come and fetch. I think she thinks she's a dog(Not sure though).

Liz is a 3yr cat we adopted from the shelter for a companion for Taylor while we were gone for BMX races. She's a bit skittish but very friendly.

The last of my pets is Phantom the white boxer puppy. He is the newest member of our family. He is very active and a friendly little puppy.

1. I just started BMX but i'm addicted, I train for hours and I try my best every race.
2. I ride english when riding horses(Jumping, Dressage.)
3. I sleep talk, I can carry on conversations with other sleeping people(It happens a lot when my friends or my brothers friends come over trust me).
4. I have a bit of trust issues.
5. I don't really watch tv because I get bored with it.
6. I love to read and write.
7. I don't really want a boyfriend.
8. I sometimes wish I had more friends.
9. I don't fit in with most people.
10. I feel like a misfit a lot.
11. I wonder what the point of life is a lot.
12. I have 4 siblings.
13. I don't get on here as much as I used to. Sorry.

OK I know every person on this site loves Taylor Swift But here is my Taylor story. OK let’s start by going to my past when I was about 8yrs old. My parents were talking about a divorce and it tore me it felt like I couldn't trust my mom or dad. My mom and dad put me in the middle of things me being the oldest was always asked about things like "Who would you rather stay with?" and it hurt I was like the messenger, the spy played tug a war between my mom and dad. I couldn't trust either of them and it hurt. I hid my feeling and went to school trying to hide tears. My parents fought and fought. 'who'd get the kids'. It weakened me and made me thinking about Suicide. Maybe death would be better? I would cry my self to sleep. They figured it out and didn't get a divorce. But my scars never healed my heart was still torn. I could only trust my dog from that day on. I would tell my dog everything sure she never understood but it was better then talking to my parents. I was scared they'd fight again and some days they still would fight. School wasn't better sure I had friends but I never told them how I felt. I was always the quiet kid and it made me the easiest to pick on i never told just kept it to myself it hurt me more. And so Suicide seemed like the best option No more pain no more teasing no more listening to my parents arguing. When I turned 9 my sister my oldest got a boyfriend. Matt. My parents wouldn't let me near him. And so I never got to see my sister. She was my inspiration my bit of hope at the time. The thing that helped me keep going and she was gone i never saw her and if I did it was only for a few minutes it hurt. Yet again suicide seemed even better I used to dream about it all my pain ending just with a cut to the wrist. My dog the one I talked to Died of a heart attack it hurt I walked out there in the rain to see him laying there breathing hard he had cut himself on the neck and was also breathing hard I sat there and watched him die. I blamed it on myself and it hurt more then a lot of things. Then Natalie a friend I met moved in next door we used to hang out it felt so good to have someone to trust again. She introduced me to who Taylor Swift was well i knew about her but Natalie taught me more about her. Then Natalie moved But before she moved she told me I was going to be a no body and fail at life and that hurt it felt like she had stabbed my a thousand times it shattered me like a light bulb. Why i don't know but it hurt and yet again Suicide seemed like one of the best options I did cut myself once and honestly it felt good. I cried myself to sleep every night and a few times almost did commit suicide. But then I Turned to Taylor Sure she didn't know me but she has made it and became one of the most successful singers out there. So I started to think Maybe there is hope for me. Slowly I Thought about her and turned my attention away from Suicide. Taylor gave me the little bit of hope I needed to pull myself out and i thank her so much for that, If she wasn't there I probably would have cut myself and harmed myself more. A few months ago Matt died and my sister now spends more time with me but I'm constantly reminded about how Matt thought I hated him (I never hated him honestly was scared of him). THANK YOU TAYLOR! Taylor you honestly saved my life I wish I could repay you.

If you haven't already gotten the hint BMX is a huge part of my life. I love the sport and although I have just started it has grasped my soul and now won't release it. So I thought i'd share some of that with you.
My Idols/Role Models in the sport.
1. Alise Post-She's beautiful. And she touched T-Swizzle

2. Olijuwon Davis

3. Sam Willoughby

4. Caroline Buchanan- Quick story: My brother told me to look her up one day and so I did on google and the first picture I found of her was one were she was in her underwear and bra and I was horrified and said to my brother. "Why's she in her underwear?" and he was like "She's a model." And I was like "An underwear Model?" It was pretty funny. But she's still awesome.

Meeting some of the Pros.
So far I have met Alise Post- Who I screamed when I met and I may or may not have scared her when I did so, Caroline Buchanan- Who is so nice(I excepted her to be a bit mean TBH), Connor Feilds- Who asked me about Taylor Swift, Sam Willoughby(Twice so far), Brooke Crain- sort of I was too scared to approach her and made my brother do it for me, Olijuwon Davis- a couple times he ran my first clinic in which I crashed in, he's also sung me happy birthday and lectured me a few times, Jeff Upshaw, and Dominique Daniels
I'm not wearing make up in any of these but...
Alise Post and me-

Caroline Buchanan and Me-

Sam Willoughby and me-

Olijuwon Davis and me

Images of Me and My Bike- or racing pics.

I'm the one Dominique is holding because at this point I had been racing two weeks and my gate was poop- I could barely balance.

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    You too:) i'm great:) how are u?

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    Third's pretty good, congratulations! I don't really do sports, I'm not just a huge athletic person, even though that makes me sound really lame. As close ask come to a sport is sometimes I go for a run after a long day. I don't know, just sweating it out calms me down, if that made any sense.

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    Haha, I'm definitely guilty of doing the same thing. How'd the race go??

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    No, I don't actually. I just have a bunch of homework that I'll probably start at like 9pm tomorrow haha. What about you?

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    I'm good, thanks! What about you? Stay strong and stay beautiful <3

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    kinda felt like I know you! Sorry!

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    what was your username in 2012 or 2013?

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    Hey Naomi! thanks for your FR:) Your cats are sooo cute!

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    I'm good, but a little sad right now. It's September, which means the first day of school. This is the first time I won't be going to school to see my friends and live the life I've lived forever. It's bittersweet.

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    Hi, Naomi!! Thank you for the friend request!! :)

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