hey! its Emily before I talk about myself I want to thank you for visiting my profile I very appreciate it. You are taking you time coming here and reading this about me thats just super nice of you. Again i really appreciate it! Ok know about me well I am 15 years old and volleyball is my lifel. I loved Taylor ever since the beginning! I had the honor to SPEAK NOW on 6/11/11 which was the most amazing thing in the world! On 5/4/13 I will be going to the RED tour with my sister and mom and dad and my friend and her mom which I am absolutely super excited for it. Another thing is I love country music! That is how I discovered Taylor by her song Tim MaGraw being on the radio! So after when I heard the song on the radio we were going to the store and then my mom bought it for me she is the best mom in the world! When I got that CD and when I got home I listened to that album right away! Probably in 2 days I knew the whole album! Probably my favorite song from her album Taylor Swift world is “Our Song” I like that song because I love the beat and rhythm to it! Another thing about me is I am going to be learning how to play guitar soon and for Christmas I got the Speak Now guitar book which I can’t wait to learn!! Also my favorite song to Fearless in Forever and always because I absolutely love the music video to it I just think is amazing! And my favorite song from Speak now is the song title Speak Now! My favorite song from RED will have to be I knew you were trouble, 22, or we are Never ever getting back together! Whenever I am upset when I get home from school or something that made me upset I would just get my iPod and put on one of Taylors albums or I would just come on here to look at what other Swifties have to say or maybe just do both listen to her and come on here! I just can’t believe Taylor sold 1,208,000 copies of her album in one week. And How many 22 year old girls do you know that can say "I own 6 Grammys and have broken multiple world records. So Thank you Swifites for reading and visiting my profile I very highly appreciate it so I hope you guys have a nice wonderful day because I know you will and I will thank you and love you swifties you are like my second family to me and i really appreciate it again. I hope you guys have a wonderful day or night!!!
Love: Emily


Meredith's climbing trick! Just Adorable!!!

The I Knew You Were trouble Music Video!!!!! I LOVELOVELOVE it!!


When Taylor performed on Dancing with the star!!!!




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    Saw your replies to my Dinner With Taylor thread.. so I checked out your profile :) I love it!

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    Hey there!!
    We wanted to stop by and let you know that Taylor Talk : The Taylor Swift Podcast has exceeded 1 MILLION downloads, we went PLATINUM and we're SO excited about it, we LOVE what we do and we LOVE supporting Taylor!! If you've listened and help us reach that 1Mil, THANK YOU! And if you haven't, you should check us out, we're a weekly talk show about Taylor Swift and we're FREE on iTunes! You can find out more info at www.taylortalk.org and @taylortalk13 on twitter.

    We also wanted to ask you a HUGE favor, two of our hosts haven't met Taylor Swift yet and we're in this contest hosted by a radio station Z100 to win 4 meet and greet passes at one of Taylor's Newark shows at the end of the month. There's only ONE week left of the contest, could we ask you for a daily vote?? Its SUPER easy, ALL you have to do is visit our contest page, and that's an automatic vote!! It would mean a LOT to us!! Our page is at z100.com/c/?4 and it would mean a TON to us!

    Virtual Hand Hearts,
    -The Taylor Talk Hosts

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    I'm good! We are both 13!!!! ;D What is your favorite song?

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