AS YOU CAN SEE, THIS IS HOW FOREVEREVER13'S PROFILE IS! I AM FOREVEREVER13, I FORGOT MY PASSWORD SO THIS IS MY NEW PROFILE! I'll try to update my profiles ASAP! I change my usernames a lot too! I used to be: TaylorSwift_4ever, Foreverever13, and Forevereverfearless13! I will have new photos, and graphics!!! Hope you like it! Thanks!
Always online on weekends!!!
June 10, 2012
Hey people! My real name is Marika. I am 12 years old but I don't know how to change my age here! I am very, very, very short for my age, but not like a leprechaun. Sorry leprechauns! :\ Ok, now I'm scared...LOL! I love, love, love Taylor Alison Swift! I also like Sanrio, home of Hello Kitty! [ which wouldn't be necessary to write LOL] I have a kitten and puppy which are soo cute! I play a little guitar cause of Taylor. I try to play Taylor Swift songs. I promised myself that I'll learn all her songs! I think I suck, but I won' t give up, just like how I won't give up on seeing Taylor! Music means a lot to me, cause some of them really speak to you, just like Taylor's music. They flow off a script and make meanings that are so true!

My dream is to go to a Taylor Swift concert, which I'm saving my money up for. I love drinking chai tea from Trader Joe's! It tastes so good! I love cats, especially Meredith and mine! My cat ran away though. :( She never came back! I'm so sad! It has been a month now! I'm never losing hope though! I think my dog scared her away. >:( I like winter, spring, and summer! I like winter for the cozy things, and hot tea or hot chocolate! I also love spring and summer for the outdoors and dresses! Although, I never wear dresses, only on occasions! I don't like wearing them next to people I know! Haha!

I am seriously addicted to icebreakers, and OBSESSED with Taylor!!! I mean like, SERIOUSLY. Her songs always speaks to me, she always knows what girls feel. I am usually weird like how I am writing this now, but it's ok I think everyone is weird in their own way.

I finally read The Hunger Games Trilogy! I love, love, love The Hunger Games trilogy! Katniss Everdeen is sooo cool! Lol, it's so funny how Gale says Catnip. I don't think he really says it on the last book though.... I am going to read Percy Jackson and The Olympians next!!! I love reading #1 Bestselling books!!! As you can see, one of my hobbies is reading... :D

I wear and make head bands out of flowers and stems, just like Taylor. I think they are cute and fun to wear. Little cute things are also one of the things I like, just like my pets. My favorite holiday is Christmas, because of that warm feeling of family and happy children. Sometimes I think of how I don't wanna grow up. I always wanna remember my childhood. Never Grow Up and The Best Day relate me to that. Taylor Swift is such an inspiration.

Hi people! thanks for visiting!

^ Made by brooker27!

~ I'm a Filam. [Half Filipino, and American]
~ I love Hello Kitty along with the other characters!
~ I like Kawaii characters!
~ I love Adventure Time and The Regular Show, even though they're stupid but they're hilarious!
~ I love books, especially The Hunger Games!
~ I love singing! Even if I'm ok at it... :)
~ My B-day is on January 16, 2001
~ I don't have a lucky number. :\
~ I love making Tay graphics.
~ I would love you if you visited my graphic shop!
~ I would love you if you entered my graphic contest!
~ I hate how some girls wanna be teens. BLEH! :\
~ I like random things. BWAHAHAHA!
~ I think EVERYONE is weird in their own way.
~ I like how cats, dogs, pandas, and others are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HOW THEY DID THIS VIDEO!
15 or 14 year old Tay "Your Anything" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9nL2UNB3Bk&feature=player_embedded

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    No problem! I'm great :) BTW, your name is so beautiful, Marika <3

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