How to look like Taylor Swift

Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:45 AM By: olive13swiftie

Hey! i got some tips of how to look like Taylor from the internet.
So, I hope you guys enjoy it and hope it also helps!

1. Hair: Do not dye your hair light blonde unless you want it blonde forever. You can still look like Taylor with brown, black, or red hair! As you can see from this photo, Taylor's hair has spiral curls, that makes her hair both curly and blonde. Also scrunch your hair. So, to look like her, you must adjust your hair accordingly.
A good way to get Taylor Swift hair is: After washing your hair, separate it into parts and put it up in large rollers. Let your hair dry, and once it is, take out the rollers, you'll see what a great result you will get. If you do not want super defined curls, then just wash your hair and add a bit of mousse. Then flip your hair over, and head down, dry your hair slowly scrunching it.
If your hair is really straight, then you will have to use mousse and a curling iron. Be careful not to burn your hair by making sure that your hair is 100% dry before beginning to curl. After, use a bit of hairspray to keep the look and hold the curl.

2. Skin: Make sure you have smooth clear skin like Taylor's. Wash your face twice a day to prevent breakouts (and who doesn't hate zits?!), or try an acne cream, steamer, or cleanser. Get a tan, if you don't tan get some spray-on tan.
Try applying some skin cream on every day to get ultra-smooth skin. It's also nice to spritz on some nice-smelling perfume, or lotion, but remember not to put on too much!

3. Makeup: Taylor is known for her oval shaped cat eye and red lipstick. Do some wingtip eyeliner, set it with a dark shadow, making an oval shape on the outer corner, put on red lipstick and you're done.

4.Signature 13: Taylor always draws a 13 on her hand. Outline a 13 with a black marker, go and color it in with a turquoise/light blue marker and paint over it with clear glittery nail polish.

5.Blue nails. Taylor is seen with dark blue shiny nails. Try "midnight cami" by Essie.

6.Think "country girl", but this doesn't mean you have to wear plaid shirts or t-shirts and jeans every day. Taylor Swift has a balance of tomboy and girly, and her style is very romantic. A cute skirt and shirt or sundresses make a great start -and don't forget the boots! Taylor loves wearing sundresses, and you can or should try putting an old denim jacket over that. Or just simply go for more ideas:

7.Wear dresses! Taylor has said herself that she absolutely loves dresses, and you can almost always see her wearing one. Some memorable ones include her blue dress in the video for "Our Song", and the long, bluish-green, off-the-shoulder dress she wears in the video for "Teardrops on My Guitar". Taylor even has her own sundress line for L.E.I. at Walmart; this is a good place to buy Taylor-inspired dresses for reasonable prices.

She wears jeans a lot, too. Light wash boot cut jeans and dark wash straight legs are what she wears. Again, you can buy the from L.E.I. or you can go to JC Penny for a less expensive pair of jeans than the top designers. Most clothing stores at the mall are most likely going to be less expensive than outlet centers.
With the jeans, she wears light tees. Like the color white, but sometimes black and brown. She wears tanks, baby doll tees and tanks with jackets.
On chilly days, she wears long trench coats with leggings and boots.
When you need a more formal look, try a semi-formal dress accented with a bold accessory such as a wide belt or large handbag.

8.Shoes: Taylor Swift would never wear converse sneakers! She usually wears cowgirl boots, flats and high heels. And if you don't have any or don't like any of those types of shoes, don't give up on trying to look like Taylor Swift! You can STILL capture her style without copying every single little thing like shoes.

9.Smile Make sure that your teeth are in good shape. Buy mouthwash, floss, toothpaste and if your teeth are still not healthy, whitening toothpaste. Remember to combine whitening toothpaste with regular toothpaste when you use it, because whitening toothpaste does not prevent cavities.

10.Makeup. Wear however much makeup you are comfortable with, but don't go overboard! Taylor wears make-up, but she never over-does it. She keeps it simple and natural, and everyone knows that Taylor has the most beautiful eyes. Her trick is thick eyelashes, pretty shadows, and smart eye liners. For shadows, go with sweet colors, like pastel pinks and purples, or go bright colors, another look Taylor very often wears is a plum/brown/black smokey eye. If you have thin eyelashes try mascara. If you still don't have that full thick look that Taylor has, put on some fake eyelashes then apply mascara. Go for a soft or dark pink lipstick; red is acceptable during evenings or formal occasions. The rest of her make up is all natural. Nude, light pink colors is what she prefers. If you think Taylor puts too much on, then do a little less and vice versa.

11. Personality: Taylor is a smart, funny, friendly, and generally nice to have around. Try to be modest and have a sunny attitude. Don't be sarcastic if you can help it, and be friendly to everyone! Taylor is seen as modest, down-to-earth, and never lets fame get to her head. She doesn't make rash choices and doesn't particularly care follow what other people are doing if it's a negative influence (i.e. Drugs, alcohol, that sort of thing.) She is a honest and trustworthy person, and likes to laugh!


-If you put mousse in your hair BEFORE curling it, it may catch on fire depending on what mousse you use because most mousse, like my own, says things like FLAMMABLE! DO NOT EXPOSE TO EXCESSIVE HEAT!
- Protect your hair before curling it with a heat protector.
- Be careful not to burn yourself while using a curling iron.If it helps... Use a glove. But be careful it may start a fire if you have it really high.

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    that is awesome except for one thing i guess i can never look like her because well i am a guy now i start to cry. lol

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