Hiya!!! Well, I'm too lazy to create a Bio for my Taylor Connect, so I guess I'll just copy my Facebook Bio.
Hi there! As you can tell by looking at my username, I'm a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. But that'll take eons to explain why, how and when.

First and faremost, know that I DO NOT accept friend requests from strangers. But if you're a Swiftie, Directioner, Potterhead, Demigod, Enchancer, Lovatic, Tribute or Asanator, feel free to follow me on Twitter! I'm @TsFan4ever1. But be warned for excessive fangirling on Taylor Alison Swift. If you're a Potterhead, be friends with me on Pottermore. I'm AccioGoblet22217.

In my mind, I'm a girl with a Hannah Montana life. I go to school. Act like I'm normal. But, I'm actually a witch. I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter earlier this year. And no, I'm not eleven. They said that they thought I was a Muggle. How rude. But that's fine. 'Cause I go to King's Cross Station on each September the first... to go to Hogwarts. I ace in Defence Against the Dark Arts and History (of Magic). But I suck at Potions. I'm on my second year, and I'm trying as hard as I can to catch up with my fellow wizard and witch peers. And I can't wait for next year, which would be my third year, where I can go to Hogsmeade! I hear that the butterbeer there is delicious. I'm in Ravenclaw. Which means I honour intelligence the most. We (Ravenclaws) are currently at the back of the House Cup. Slytherin's leading. Bah! And, during the summer, I'll go train and go on quests at Camp Half-Blood. The camp for Greek Demigods. I've had 2 quests now. But, I will not and refuse to talk about that. It was horrible, but I managed to succeed on the quest (with Percy and Annabeth). I fought during the war (you know, with Kronos using Luke's body), but Percy didn't mention me in the book. Jerk. But no matter, I still love him, as a friend. Best friend. I'm the adopted daughter of Athena. Why she adpted me? No idea. Other than that, I was a tribute AT THE 73rd Hunger Games. The Games before Katniss and Peeta's. Hold your horses, I didn't die. Which means, I didn't become a vampire and be a part in Twilight. Which is good, because I hate Twilight. Back to my experience in The Hunger Games. It was horrible. I mean, would it be fun to fight-to-death with 23 other kids? But I did. And I won. I was 12 at the time. I didn't and still don't have any special skills, BUT I'm from District 2. And you'll probably know why I won now. But seriously, lose in a football, netball, whatever-ball match, remember that there are worse games to play. Lastly, during the school holidays (excluding summer), I'll go to Narnia. And don't ask me where I found the entrance to Narnia, cause I'm not telling. But I'll give you an unuseful hint: it's not a wardrobe. I'm quite friendly with the creatures there. I'll go fencing and practice archery and stuff. It's really fun to be there, where, the trees talk, and there are bizarre and surreal creatures (go and google them by yourself). But what I hate about being there is the Internet connection. Wait, there IS no Internet Connection there!

But in real life, I'm the head prefect (who is ALWAYS late for school) and I'm unfriendly and violent and I hate school but I'm not that bad at the subjects they teach there. The end.

Wait up! I'm not done. Not just YET. I do have a Hannah Montana/Jane Quimby life (on _ _ _ _ _ _ _). And this, is how.

About me: During my free time, I enjoy reading. I love reading! I think reading is marvelous! Books are wayy better than games in my opinion. I'm a bookworm (no doubt). When I step into a bookstore, I feel so blissful. Like nothing could go wrong. And nothing COULD go wrong, as long as I'm in there.

One Direction. Those 5 idiots stole my heart.. within a few months though. I love them! Their music is fun and entertaining. Their personalities are absolutely amazing! And they have never, EVER failed to make me happy. Like, ever.

Harry Potter helps me escape the real world from time to time. He helps me fantasize, and I feel amazingly happy when I'm fantasizing about the wizarding world. Mind you, I'm a witch. I go to Hogwarts. And I'm in Ravenclaw house. Harry's like my best friend. In fact, he IS my best friend.. well, in my mind, of course. When I'm reading the books, I feel ike I AM fighting dragons. I AM duelling Voldermort. I AM his best friend. He's a true friend that'll never leave me.

Now, meet my OTHER best friend, Percy Jackson. He's a fictional character too. But he's not fictional to me. Reading his stories with his childish and immature opinion makes me laugh. He fought a gorgon, went through a labyrinth and the underworld. So I'm very proud to say that he's my best friend.

And then, there's music. The thing that calms me other than books. I'm very bad-tempered. Mess with me, and your ass will get kicked. Back to music. I enjoy music. Especially country music. ANd that's not just because Taylor Swift sings country. It's b'cuz, country music is different. It's calming. And I love it. I love listening to Demi Lovato, Greyson Chance, Victoria Justice, Katy Perry, Adele.. ANd, you guessed it, One Direction and TAYLOR SWIFT.

Okay, so I said that I won't tell you on why I love Taylor. But I will. And I'll try to make the shortest paragraph I can.

So Taylor Alison Swift. What can I say about her? She's pretty, tall and rich. But that doesn't attract my attention at all on her. What I love most about her is her golden-heart. Would you write a song about an unkown 4-year-old boy who died of cancer? Would you buy your parents a 1.7 million dollar house? I'll bet all of my cats that you won't. She's absolutely kind-hearted, down-to-earth and what suprises me is that fame doesn't get into her head. She's the same girl she was when she first started at the age of 16. Though, with a few physical changes. She helps children and stuff. Secondly, would of course be her talent. Not many artists would be so open about their personal life in their songs. But she does. And her lyrics .. they're absolutely flawless. The fact that she writes all of her songs by herself is magnificent. But writing all of her songs by herself since the age of 12 is mind-blowing. And she pours her heart out when she writes. And her songs aren't just about love. Mean, a song she wrote when she was bullied. Long Live, a song where she says her thank yous to all of the people who had helped her achieving what she has now, especially to her fans (INCLUDING ME!) Songs like "Mean" helped people (including me) get through bullying. And I love her for that. And I'm VERY happy to say that I'm a Swiftie. I may not be one from the start, but I'll be one til the end. Swiftie Since 2008.

If you read ALL of this, thank you! Also, I'm sorry because you wasted your time reading this.

Oh, and my name's Irdina.


And Taylor! If you're reading this, I just wanted to say, would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a concert in Malaysia?

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