I have to stay off for a while... Sorry! If you message me, do not to expect me to reply soon, I am very busy

I will no longer be on Taylor Connect. Sorry, I have no time anymore.

Hi, my name is Kayla. Some people know me as an oldies type girl, which I was at 1 point in time, (I still like Elvis Presley, Julie Andrews, and Johnny Cash, but Taylor has songs a little bit more to my liking) but when I went to 4-H camp, they played a lot of Taylor Swift and I got hooked on her song 'Speak Now' .

I got her Speak Now CD from the library, and then I just had to have it, which then led to me getting Fearless because I kept on hearing bits and pieces of Love Story. I recently purchased 'Taylor Swift' I just LOVE "Picture to Burn", "Should've said No", "Tim McGraw" and "Our Song".


I am a "small town girl" I live on a farm, but we happen to have good internet connection. :) I am home schooled, and I LOVE it, because I can listen to all of Taylor's songs and still do school. I will be going to a public school next year, so I am excited! I have 2 older brothers, they are kind of like my body guards. :)

I love cats. As of June 9th 1 of my cats had kittens, they are soo cute. I named the cats: Max,
chiChi, Erma, and Nemo .Some people also know me as a tomboy. I love running barefoot in the grass, climbing up into high places so I see parts of the world spread out before me. I also love the sensation of hitting a bull's-eye with a revolver or a rifle.

I have started to write my own songs, they are pretty bad, but I am improving. :)

Beautiful Bird

I was a tomboy with a love of dirt bikes
Everyone thought I was strange
But you saw something shine that cold September night
You thought the town was my cage
You looked and said to me

You're a beautiful bird caged
Your soul should forever be free
You're wild as the sea is raged
Don't you change, who you are, be

He said I had so much possibility
I thought he meant 'you and me'
He meant my singing for a dream
Said it would take me where I want to be

You're a beautiful bird caged
Your soul should forever be free
You're wild as the sea is raged
Don't you change, who you are, be

I didn't want to fly
Without him by my side
He was the very best guy

You're a beautiful bird caged
Your soul should forever be free
You're wild as the sea is raged
Don't you change, who you are, be

He didn't have that much money
Well, neither did I
That's alright honey
But it's alright

He taught me so much
Like how to fly
But even love's tender touch
Can't keep me from asking why
He had to set me free

You're a bird no longer caged
Your soul will always be free
You'll forever be as wild as the sea is raged
You're a pretty bird forever free

So much for you and me

Want to see more of my songs? Look at my songbook by clicking the link in the Links caption, to the left.

Oh, and a little bit about me is I love to swim (I am like a fish), but I prefer singing. I want to travel the world.I have a hard time deciding which of Taylor's songs I like the best.



Made by Me ^

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