Swift Facts

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 10:32 PM By: DealWithSwift

    1. A fan met Grant and asked what he thinks about Jonas Brothers and he said "Yeah they're nice kids. Well two of them." #SwiftFact

      On Joe Jonas' Just In Love music video, the girl wears clothes that Taylor wears as well. #SwiftFact

      Taylor hates diets and eats junk food. #SwiftFact

      After Taylor wrote 'Dear John' to John Mayer, he apologized to Taylor by writing a song called 'Shadow Days'. #SwiftFact

      When Joe told Taylor that he wanted a second chance, she said: "He has gone when I needed him. So why should I love him now?" #SwiftFact

      Once in an interview they asked Taylor who was her biggest Hollywood crush and she said "Taylor Lautner. It was, is and will be". #SwiftFact

      Taylor has two childhood nicknames from her parents: Taytay and Curlyhead. #SwiftFact

      Taylor wore straight hair in Back To December video because Taylor Lautner likes it straight. #SwiftFact

      When Taylor sings 'Forever and Always' she uses a red microphone because she used it when she performed with the Jonas Brothers. #SwiftFact

      Taylor's first single for "Speak Now" became Number #1 on iTunes in 6 hours, her new single for "Red" became #1 in 50 minutes. #SwiftFact

      Taylor has a picture in her apartment of Kanye interrupting her at the VMA's & says "life is full of little interuptions." #SwiftFact

      Taylor wrote Back To December in NYC, in her hotel room, on the bathroom floor. #SwiftFact

      When Austin Swift was born, Taylor said "My brother!". #SwiftFact

      Justin Bieber dedicated his song 'Favorite Girl' to Taylor. #SwiftFact

      Taylor was the first person that Demi Lovato followed on Twitter. #SwiftFact

      Taylor loves everything about chocolate. #SwiftFact

      Taylor wears a key necklace in Back To December music video because Taylor Lautner gave her. #SwiftFact

      Taylor's favorite animal is the koala bear. #SwiftFact

      Justin Bieber used to have a few of Taylor's posters in his room. #SwiftFact

      Meredith, Taylor's new cat, is a Scottish Fold. #SwiftFact

      When Taylor sang Back To December and said "This is for a boy from Michigan", Lautner whispered "It's too late." #SwiftFact

      Taylor always donates her dresses to charity. #SwiftFact

      Taylor loves British accent. #SwiftFact

      Taylor loves New York. #SwiftFact

      Drew from Teardrops On My Guitar got married on May 5th, 2010. #SwiftFact

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