I am ruthlessgame13xx and enchanted swift13

I am Annee, 14 going 15, I have a disease. Thyroid - Grave's Disease, and also auto imune syndrom. I love sing, write and read. My favos singer is Taylor Swift, of course! Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

I am ruthlessgame13xx and enchanted swift13
There's some trouble when I want to log in with enchanted swift13, then I make this account, there's a problem again, so I make the ruthlessgame13xx account. But, I feel really really sad to leave this poor account, beside that, in the new account, I must start all over again. I am TOO tired to do that! So, I try to solve the problem and TADAA! I'm here. So, forget the ruthlessgame13xx and enchanted swift13, maybe I'll delete that account If could be.

My biggest fear is losing someone I loved much. I hope that will never happened to me. I am a dreamer. I have a million dreams. One of that, is, get college in USA or UK. Wish me my dreams come true.

I am very happy, if one of you, my swifties guys could be my best friend! Doesn't matter where you are, Pennsylvania, Singapore, Switzerland, or maybe Mars! LOL. It's fun to having you guys as my best friend. We can sent an e-mail to each other everyday, and if we're could, we'll visit each other. Cause I really love travelling around the world.

And the last, for Taylor, I really wish someday I could hug you tightly, feel your breath touching my skin, heard your voice from LIVE! Not from the TV, CDs, radio and etc. If you come to Indonesia, please remember me, and if you see a girl with black-curly-wavy-messed hair, yellowish skin, big brown eyes, walking in the street, please make sure that girl was me.

Because sometimes, my eyes works so badly. But I think, my eyes will works perfectly to see YOU! I love you Taylor, maybe you think I am only too fangirling over you, but I love you. And don't thinking the word 'love' is unmeaning, it's mean, a million feelings I had on you. You told me that 'love could be that strong' right?

Whatever, I just love you more than you could imagine.

Much love,

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