My top 13 Taylor Swift Songs:)

Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 6:39 PM By: Elodieee3

Kay so im kinda in love with Taylor's songs. They're just so inspiring, and they can always help me with stuff, i feel like there will always be a song by her to go perfectly with how i feel. So i thought it would be fun to make a list of my top 13 T.Swift songs, Hope you enjoy! Comment what your favorite song by her is!

13. Change (Fearless)
I love love LOVE this song. Its a really powerful one that lets you know to keep going, and that these things will change for the better:)

12. Enchanted (Speak Now)
This is one of those super cute/super cheesy love songs i can't help but to love! Its so sweet and adorable, i just think its great!

11. Sparks Fly (Speak Now)
This song is very up-beat, and its really one of my favorites. Its one I cans seriously relate too.

10. The Outside (Taylor Swift)
This was my very favorite for a long time. Then Taylor came out with a lot of new stuff, and you know the rest. I Love this song because I feel like a lot of outsiders can relate to it, like I did, way back when.

9. Last Kiss (Speak Now)
I love this song. Its one of those ones that bring back memories. Sometimes painful, others, not so much. I really like Taylor's slower stuff, to me there's more meaning and i love songs with a good meaning behind it.

8. Long Live (Speak Now)
This song was probably my favorite from Speak Now. I can really relate to this song and its got a great tune! I've just always loved this song!

7. Red (Red)
This song is just great. Its perfect. Its wonderful. Its the one song that I just love listening to right now. Its genius. I'm just in love with this song, and the rest of this album right now.

6. State Of Grace (Red)
Lets just say this song is amazing and i am in love with it. I wake up to it every morning (because its the first on the album that plays, and so yeah) and it always puts me in such a great mood! I love this song. A lot.

5. Treacherous (Red)
This song is so wonderful. I may be mis-interpreting this, but i think its kind of likee 'forbidden love' sort of thing. (correct me if i'm wrong) But I just really like this song.

4. Innocent (Speak Now)
I love this song for the same reason I love #9. Its slower, and I love her slower songs:)

3. Haunted (Speak Now)
This was one that i've been in love with since Speak Now came out. Its such a related song to me, and i just love this one!

2. Holy Ground (Red)
So I was listening to this song the other day and i realized in a way this is like exactly my life right now. So i'm basically in love with it:)

1. Starlight (Red)
HOLY CRAP. THIS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE SONG. I don't know why, but i'm just seriously in love with this song. I don't know what strikes me so much about it, but its just one of those songs that i can't help but TO love. Its my #1 favorite right now.

Well, I hope you liked this list, you can comment. Do you agree with this list? Do you think other songs should've been on here? Let me know below!

Anyways, even though all of Taylor Swifts songs are amazing, there a few that I really wanted to put on this list so i figured I'd put them here at the end.

Safe And Sound
Dear John (Speak Now)
Begin Again (Red)
I Almost Do (Red)
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) (Taylor Swift)
The Story of Us (Speak Now)
White Horse (Fearless)
Fearless (Fearless)

I think its safe to say that Speak Now and Red are her better albums. I still LOVE Fearless and Taylor Swift, but I think we can all agree Taylor is getting better and better!

Kay well I think thats all!

  1. Elodieee3 avatar

    On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 2:13 PM, Elodieee3 said:

    All Too Well is just wonderful! I Love that one too....I just love her new album altogether!

  2. nahhhmore avatar

    On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 7:58 AM, nahhhmore said:

    I LOVE all those songs too! I also LOVE "All too well".

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