Hi everyone, my name is Veronica, I never liked it, but it's okay. I'm fifteen (9th april) and I'm from Argentina, I love Taylor, she's an huge role model and inspiration to me, but from where I'm standing, I don't really know where I wanna get...

Some stuff about me...

I'm shy, I don't really enjoy going to parties I'd rather stay at home playing the guitar or watching old movies, I love McDonald's (I'll become a burger someday), I love reading and sleeping.
I'd like to have a cat but my mom never liked cats, so that'll have to wait. I listen to old music(the beatles, mostly), and Taylor Swift. My favourite tv show is Hey Arnold, As told by Ginger, Catdog and all those 90's shows + Grey's Anatomy. My favourite number is 14 but it's so weird because my lucky number is 4, so it's 13 and 22 , 1+ 3=4; 2+2=4, whenever I get to see it , it probably means something really good. I proved that many inopportune times :D I'd love to have many dresses, but that's a problem because I hate shopping... I really enjoy going to the cinema, I've got a pet, her name is Conie and she often listens to me and stupid nonsense troubles, such a good therapist.
I'd like to be a surgeon, a gardener, a writer, a teacher, and so much stupid stuff like working at a post office, a library, being a cashier, omg and so much more ...

Taylor causing impacts in my life ...

I learnt playing guitar a year ago when Taylor released her 3rd album. I was in the car and when "speak now" (the song) started playing, I thought that maybe playing the guitar was not that difficult! I arrived home, my mom (she used to play when she was younger at churchs) taught me the chords needed for the song, and I was amazed by the way she understood all those letters, since then I was obsessed every day learning every single song and then playing it to my best friend. I mean, the guitar I play was always there, but I never noticed til I heard Taylor. And then I started to write songs, in english, because I think it sounds better, and whenever I sing it to someone, they don't understand, which is good, beacuse it may be about them...

Favourite movies:
Back to the future I, II, III , The breakfast club, Stand by me, Crossroads, Ghost
+ I can't remember right now.
These movies mean a lot to me, they are able to transfer me to another world every time I watch them... just like taylor's songs

I think that's all :-)

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    On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Mafaswift13 said:

    Thanks for the friend request! My sister's name is also Veronica! :D

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    I'm awesome, thank you!!!

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    Hey!!! Thank you for the friend request!!!! How are you?

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    hi!thanks for the friend request!how are you? :)

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    Hi thanks for the request! I will totally read your songs

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    On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:21 PM, hausofcards said:

    Hey :-) I have just posted one of my songs, if you dont mind check it out and leave a comment with your true opinion :-)

  10. hausofcards avatar

    On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:21 PM, hausofcards said:

    Hey :-) I have just posted one of my songs, if you dont mind check it out and leave a comment with your true opinion :-)

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