hi i'm danica; i'm 20 and i like film, tv shows, books, comics and makeup.

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  1. SparksFlyBaby13 avatar

    On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 5:01 PM, SparksFlyBaby13 said:

    Haha I hear you there! All the constant logging in and out and all the commenting and thread reply glitches are really annoying and I couldn't be bothered dealing with them which is why I became less active on here. Such a shame! Ohhh that's annoying! I really hope you find one soon then! I'm studying Accounting. I'll be in my third year next year, which will be my second last year :)

  2. SparksFlyBaby13 avatar

    On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 5:39 AM, SparksFlyBaby13 said:

    That's alright! Up until about a month ago I haven't been very active on TC either! Oh okay. Hope you have some luck in the job department soon!!! I've been good! Still going to uni and working at the same time! Not much has changed lol. Uni is hard work though and quite boring at times haha! I have sent you a pm with some of the things I was interested in ^_^

  3. SparksFlyBaby13 avatar

    On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 5:23 PM, SparksFlyBaby13 said:

    Danica! I miss talking to you! How are you going? :)

  4. SomeFearlessChick avatar

    On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 3:24 PM, SomeFearlessChick said:

    How did it go with your friend/the fb message? xx

  5. Cali Lawrence avatar

    On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 7:54 PM, Cali Lawrence said:


  6. 3RecklessFlames avatar

    On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 5:22 AM, 3RecklessFlames said:

    Same, I watch with my mom too. I'm not really sure how I feel about Quinn, I don't really like her but she adds a crazy aspect to the show, like that time she locked Liam in the steam room Lol. And I hate the new Ridge, I'm like please do a recast B&B. When they added Hope as a main character that's when the show got really bad, it seems like they spent 3 years on the love triangle between Steffy, Hope, and Liam

  7. 3RecklessFlames avatar

    On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 6:17 AM, 3RecklessFlames said:

    Hey! I saw that you watch Bold and The Beautiful, I thought no one else around my age would watch that show Lol. But yeah I agree with you the show is crappy and Liam is so annoying.

  8. BlankSpace13 avatar

    On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 4:37 AM, BlankSpace13 said:

    Hey! I love your profile picture! But I was just wondering, doesn't she look a bit like Scarlett Johansson? (in the complete pic...?)

  9. Andre3613 avatar

    On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 8:35 AM, Andre3613 said:

    Hey hi, is that you on the pic?

  10. mpdporter13Swiftie avatar

    On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 5:55 PM, mpdporter13Swiftie said:

    Happy Swift Day Danica..Well maybe not in anymore, yet I still want to say it..You are Danica & that is so AWESOME!!

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