Note: well...I am forever&always-sparklin' (new TC) but for some reason, I can't log into my account now... so I made a new one! I'll keep trying to log into my old account, and is I succeed, this will be my backup account.
Now, back to what I really wanted to say.

Hi Swifties!! Let me thank you for visiting my profile!! On this page, you'll find:
-Facts about me
-Things I like
-Things I hate
Taylor stuff
and awards I got

Well, first thing first, you might be wondering what my name is. Honestly, I don't really like my name, so call me 'Sparks' instead. I come from Taiwan (in case you don't know where that is, it's somewhere in Asia) I was born on March 13th, 2000, and that's the main reason why my lucky number is -and forever will be- 13 ( horray for 13!). I'm exactly 10 years and 3 months younger than Taylor. I'm a Pisces, so I'm passionate and dreamy. I'm also strange, and I'm extremely humorous. I look pretty average, about 158 cm (sorry I don't know how to change it into feet and inches) I have tan skin (I'm an Asian), it was darkened by me going outdoors too much. Both my eyes and my hair are brownish-black. My hair is naturally curled in a wavy style, it's a bit like Taylor's hair right now. I like to part my bangs to a side, but it usually falls back to its original place. My favorite articles of clothing are T-shirts and jeans (as simple as that). I would wear them everyday if I can. On special occasions, the most formal clothes I'll wear are blouses and skirts. Even my parents couldn't make me wear a party dress (they gave up a long time ago).

Now, about the things I like. I like lots of things. I like cuddly and cute things, for example, kittens, blankets, pawprints... I also like shiny things. Fireflies, mirrors...
I absolutely adore magical things, unicorns, pegasus, fire, ice... My current favorite colors are lavender and red. It's used to be pink (when I was 3), white (when I was 7), black (when I was 10). I have a wide variety of hobbies, like playing the guitar, singing, playing basketball, swimming... My newest hobby is writing songs. I found out that once you start writing, you can never stop, and the more you write, the better you get. My best record is coming up with a song at 11:40 pm, and taking 20 minutes to finish it with a small flashlight (LOL). One of my strange hobby is playing pranks. I like watching the mixture of angry, astonished, and then 'I'm so stupid' looks on peoples' faces. I might be a bad girl sometimes (and proud of it), but I don't show it often, because life taught me that nobody likes bad kids. From your knowledge of me now, I bet you never thought that I was a straight A student. I like school, and sometimes I even enjoy doing homework. My favorite subject is biology, and my worse subject is math (I know it's strange).

After talking about so many things I like, I'll talk about the things I hate now. Three things I hate the most:
1. People interrupting me. I hate that. Even when I'm doing boring stuff, like staring at the wall, I do not wish to be interrupted.
2. People misunderstanding me. I try to make myself clear all the time, so if you don't understand, tell me.
3. Getting things wrong. I'm a part perfectionist. For example, I hate getting math problems wrong, but I still get them wrong all the time. That is frustrating.
I hardly ever get angry, but I get angry when these things happen. And, trust me. You do not want to see me angry. That would be bad -and scary, if I'm angry at you-. There's also one type of people I hate. Mean people. I don't get why people have to be mean. I'm 100% nice. Promise.

You might be wondering about how I first met Taylor. Two years ago, I was randomly searching for videos on Youtube when I found the video of You Belong With Me. That's when it all started. A month later, I got Fearless Platinum. Three months later, I got Speak Now. Two weeks earlier, I bought Red. Taylor taught me about loving someone. She opened the door for me. She taught me what being nice is all about. She meant so much more to me than an inspiration. That's from the bottom of my heart. I almost cried while typing all that. Even though I wasn't a Swiftie from the very beginning, I love Taylor like the every one of you here

I've typed quite a lot and my hands are tired... So it's time for graphics!!
First, there are some Taylor drawing I made...
Taylor sketch (from the song Change in the songbook)

Then there's a watercolor (from the back of the Speak Now album)

It's my best sketch so far-obviously it's from Love Story

Some graphics I made:
My favorite quote from Taylor

What Taylor made me think of

And finally... The awards I won. Couldn't say how much they mean to me!! I thank everyone who made them happen!

Thank you all so much for taking all this time to read my profile! I love you!

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