Imagine a 17 years old girl with brunette curly hair. Imagine that she has red hipster glasses. Imagine she's listening to Evanescence, and she's wearing a grey sleeveless t-shirt. Imagine she's writing something on her black laptop - which is called Sparrow.

Yep, that's me.

Hi, I'm Gianna! I'm from Uruguay; a little country just between Argentina and Brazil, in south america. The problem with it, is that Taylor isn't well known here... and she's never been to south america. And if she ever comes, I guess she won't come to Uruguay... yeah, that's a big problem, because it's been almost 3 years since i became a swiftie, and one of my dreams is hug her and look at those beautiful eyes and tell her how much I love her and how much her music helped me though my darkest times. Anyways - I'm really proud of being an Uruguayan, and I would choose Uruguay again and again. What I love about Latin America, is the strength and passion that we have. Nope, I wouldn't change it.

So, I have like 14 idols in total... that's a lot. I'm kind of a fangirl, but not an obsessive fangirl - those days are gone... but I still cry and jump for exiting things, like "Taylor's coming to Uruguay!" (sadly, that will never happen, but I still have faith on it...) and Taylor is a very special one. I can't describe how much I love her, and how beautiful she makes me feel without even knowing ANYTHING about me. She's like an angel to me... her music touches my heart and soul, and I can always relate to one of her songs... she's a cat lover like me, and because of her, now I love red lips, I started playing guitar again and I'm not afraid of love anymore - HEY! I have a boyfriend now... WHAT?! Me, in love? yep, that happened... and part of it was because of her (Actually, he knows who Taylor is because of me...)

Quick things about me; I was born the 23rd of August, 1997. I LOVE SINGING. Here in Uruguay, it's really difficult to live from arts like music, but I don't care; I'll follow what I love. I'm not going to spend my life working in something which I don't love just because I earn a lot of money - THAT IS NOT GOOD. I'll do what I love, and I'll manage to live later. Money comes and goes, life doesn't. I have only one life, I'll try to live it the best I can, without hearing people screaming "GET A JOB! YOU NEED MONEY! YOU NEED TO BE SOMEONE!" I mean... NO. You have to follow what YOU feel. This year i'm going to do fifth grade again... because here in Uruguay, when you get to fifth grade, you have to choose between science, biology, art and humanistic orientation. I chose humanistic, but... I didn't like it. I realize that art is my passion, and music is my life. I discovered that singing is what I wanna do my whole life. i'm a contralto, kinda of Amy Winehouse ( I love her) and I love it... and I'll study to get to higher notes. I wanna have Amy Lee's voice (I ALSO LOVE HER) because I love many music genres; from heavy metal to indie, dub step, rap, pop... the list is long, and not in all those genres a contralto is the best voice, and I don't wanna stick in a single genre - I wanna sing all of them. So... it's a long way, but I'll make it.

I love black - it's one of my favorite colors. I think is elegant, powerful and just beautiful. I also love aquamarine color... I love both! I love black leather boots, spikes, owls, dogs, cats, high heels, books, coffee, staying up until really late, video games, cosplay, the wind in my face, the smell of the morning, chinese and mexican food, the morning talks with my mother, listening to music REALLY loud, lay on the grass, vinyls, the numbers 8, 13 & 23, dark lips, black nails, black make up in general and Taylor... ;)

okay this is REALLY long... I wish I could have a black violin.

I used to be sad before. Really sad. I used to think that nobody loved me, and that I had no propose in life. I almost committed suicide once, like a year ago. There was lots of bad stuff going on in my life at that moment. Why am I still here? Because of many things... one of them, is Taylor. She was one of the persons who saved my life... so, a part of it, is hers.
Now I'm happy... REALLY happy. I feel loved, I feel free and I feel good. Happiness is all around you... you just have to see it. Most people think that happiness is a big something, or that is a group of things that happen in a certain time, making it perfect. No, it isn't. Happiness isn't perfection, or just a single thing. Happiness are those little moments that happen everyday. Is when you laugh. Is when you watch your favorite TV show. Is when you listen to your favorite song. Is when someone smiles at you. Is when you dance in the rain. Happiness isn't something - is a lot of things... of little things. I'm still learning to see them and appreciate them, because even in the deepest darkness and louder sadness, happiness can be found.

Appreciate those little moments, and make them happen. Do what you love, and love yourself. Fight, laugh, dance... you have only one life. Make it fearless!


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