Hey, I’m Emily!
Taylor taught me a few things. She taught me that people are going to be mean. There’s not really anything you can do but, ya know write a song about them because that’s all they’re ever gonna be. She taught me it’s okay, rather great (at the right time), to say what you feel. To be able to say what you feel you have to be Fearless. She’s certainly not the only one who still believes in love stories :)
Other than being a Swiftie,
I'm a Lovatic & a Jonatic.
If you love/have an obsession with Florence + the Machine then we should be friends!
Ed Sheeran is an inspiration.
I’m also a big, big fan of Ella Mae Bowen. She’s a new country artist and she’s incredible!

Oh & I have a little obsession with The Hunger Games..

Credit to DancingAroundAllAlone . :D

Taylor inspired me to play guitar and showed me the beauty of songwriting. But ever since I discovered Taylor, she has been my inspiration for everything. I write songs, I write stories, I sing, I play guitar, and I also play the ukulele and the mandolin. I'm obsessed with The Looney Tunes Show, glitter, fireworks, the Divergent series, birds, football, writing, & reading.
10.03.09 & 07.30.11 are two Saturdays I will forever & always remember.
My big dream is to have thousands of people reading my books.
Thank you for reading this! It was probably boring - I’m not a very interesting person - but thank you! :)

^ Mine/Haunted graphic by FearlesslyEnchanted . Hunter Hayes graphic by HoldingMyBreath . :)

Like I said I write songs so these are contests I've won & reviews of my songs :)
Songwriting Awards:
1st place (round 10) in SwiftGirl13's contest with 'Broken Heart'.
3rd place (round 1) in LilyLily13's contest with 'Undefeated'.
3rd place (round 1) in Enchantment_13's contest with 'First Class'.
1st place (round 2) in Enchantment_13's contest with 'Bluebird'.
TaylorAward (round 2) in Liveinlove05's contest.

with 'Superman'.

with 'First Class'.

with 'Games'.

with 'Forget Me'.

with 'Without You'.

with 'Wrong Turn'.

Songwriting Reviews :)

By SwiftGirl13:
Song review for: whitedress14
Song: Long Road to Georgia
~Creativity: 10/10
~Feeling: 10/10
~Wording: 15/15
~Deepness/Thought: 5/5
~Relatability: 15/15
~Overall: 40/40
OMS, I loved it! It was just perfectly perfect & amazing! Great job!

By Mel_Loves_Taylor13:
Song Review for: Whitedress14
Song Title: First Class
~Creativity: 10/10
~Feeling: 10/10
~Wording: 15/15
~Deepness/Thought: 5/5
~Relatability: 15/15
~Overall: 55/55
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! i got shivers down my spine while reading it! the guy i like atm actually went away for a few weeks and i missed him like crazy and this song is basically what i wish i did! i can totally 113% relate to that!!!

Song Review for: whitedress14
Song Title: Tomorrow Is A New Day
~Creativity: 10/10
~Feeling: 10/10
~Wording: 15/15
~Deepness/Thought: 5/5
~Relatability: 15/15
~Overall: 55/55
oh i love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it SO MUCH!!!! its absolutely amazing!!!!

By SwiftGirl13:
Song review for: whitedress14
Song: Piece of Me
~Creativity: 10/10
~Feeling: 10/10
~Wording: 15/15
~Deepness/Thought: 5/5
~Relatability: 15/15
~Overall: 40/40
Oh my swift, this is sweetest song ever! I loveloveloved it! I could read it 50 times over! This is such a great song!

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