Everyone's doing it, but here are my fav lyrics to the RED album songs, enjoy! (Revised)

Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 8:48 AM By: AshleyMarieSwifty4Life13

I would like to hear responses to some of your fav lyrics to the songs off of the album as well:

State of Grace: So you were never a saint
And I've loved in shades of wrong
We learn to live with the pain
Mosaic broken hearts
But this love is brave and wild

Red: Loving him is like trying to change your mind
Once you're already flying through the free fall
Like the colors in autumn
So bright just before they lose it all


Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words
to your old favorite song
Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword
and realizing there's no right answer

Treacherous: And all we are is skin and bone trained to get along
Forever going with the flow, but you're friction

I Knew You Were Trouble: No apologies, he'll never see you cry
Pretend he doesn't know that he's the reason why
You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning

All Too Well: (My favorite song, I'm in love with every lyric but these are so wonderful)
Cause here we are again in the middle of the night
We're dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light


Hey you called me up again just to break me like a promise
So casually cruel in the name of being honest

22: We're happy free confused and lonely at the same time
It's miserable and magical oh yeah


It seems like one of those nights
We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming
instead of sleeping

I Almost Do: We made quite a mess, babe
It's probably better off this way
And I confess, babe
That in my dreams you're touching my face

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Then you come around again and say
Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change
Trust me, remember how that lasted for a day
I say, I hate you, we break up, you call me, I love you

Stay Stay Stay: Before you I only dated self indulgent takers
who took all of their problems out on me
But you carry my groceries and now i'm always laughing


You took the time to memorize me, my fears my hopes and dreams
I just like hanging out with you all the time

The Last Time: I imagine you are home,
In your room, all alone,
And you open your eyes into mine,
And everything feels better

Holy Ground: I was reminiscing just the other day,
While having coffee all alone and Lord, it took me away.
Back to a first-glance feeling on New York time.
Back when you fit in my poems like a perfect rhyme.


Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress,
We had this big wide city all to ourselves.
We blocked the noise with the sound of I need you,
And for the first time I had something to lose,

Sad Beautiful Tragic: I stood right by the tracks, your face in a locket
Good girls, hopeful they'll be and long they will wait


And time is taking its sweet time erasing you
And you've got your demons and darling they all look like me


Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting
Silence, the train runs off its tracks
Kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen?
Hang up, give up, and for the life of us we can't get back

The Lucky One: You had it figured out since you were in school.
Everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool.
So overnight you look like a sixties queen.


Now it's big black cars, and Riviera views,
And your lover in the foyer doesn't even know you
And your secrets end up splashed on the news front page

Everything Has Changed: And all I've seen since 18 hours ago is green eyes and freckles
and your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like
I just want to know you better know you better know you better now

Starlight: Can't remember what song it was playing when we walked in
The night we snuck into a yacht club party
Pretending to be a duchess and a prince

Begin Again: You pull my chair out and help me in
And you don't know how nice that is, but I do


You said you never met one girl who
Had as many James Taylor records as you, but I do

The Moment I Knew: And it would've felt like,
A million little shining stars had just aligned,
And I would've been so happy.


And it was like slow motion,
Standing there in my party dress,
In red lipstick,
With no one to impress

Come back, Be Here: One last kiss, then catch your flight,
Right when I was just about to fall


Taxi cabs and busy streets,
That never bring you back to me,
I can't help but wish you took me with you...
This is falling in love in the cruelest way,
This is falling for you and you are worlds away

Girl At Home: It's kinda like a code, yeah, (<-- yes!)
And you've been getting closer and closer,
And crossing so many lines.


And it would be a fine proposition,
If I was a stupid girl,
And yeah I might go with it,
If I hadn't once been just like her.

Finished! That was super hard because I love every lyric in all of Taylor's songs lol! Let me know if we agree on any of the songs or if there's one certain song or lyric that really hits home for you I would love to hear! :)

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    All the ones you like are my favorite too!!

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