Baby it's cold outside! And Taylor is still beautiful :)

Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 7:59 AM By: AshleyMarieSwifty4Life13

Just a pointless blog guys but anything Taylor is worth writing about so here goes. I'm anxiously awaiting her new video for "I Knew You Were Trouble", as I know the rest of you probably are as well. It's crazy amazing watching her transform into a young lady, but it's all happening so fast :( I remember watching Taylor perform "Tim McGraw" with her pretty ringlets and stringing the same guitar that we see her use today. Guys I am so in love with her song "All Too Well" it's ridiculous. The lyrics are just simply amazing and so relatable. I can't talk about this song enough. I really hope she makes this song a single as well as "Red" because I love her country roots the best and hope she sticks to country. I keep saying that over and over but I miss her Fearless album music and those songs are what made me fall in love with her as well as "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "You Should've Said No." Btw, Taylor's performance on Australia's Today Show was awesome! If anyone missed it it's available for viewing on YouTube. She performed, in order, "WANEGBT", "Red", and "IKYWT". Her interview is cute as well and how cute was she on that Japanese show?!? She's so lovely in every way and I just can't get enough of her! Can't wait until she announces ticket sales for Tulsa, Oklahoma because I want to get the best seats as possible. I was lucky to get amazing seats for the Speak Now tour, which was crazy good, but sadly had to buy tickets through a 3rd party :( I wish these ppl would go away! I've started signing petitions that I've seen around the web so if anyone sees petitions to sign to stop these ppl from buying tickets and selling them for 20x the price, ok exaggerating maybe, then please sign it, if you have time :) Well I think I've written enough and if you're still reading then kudos to you and thx for your time. OH! and don't forget to vote for Taylor's 3 nominations for the people's choice awards! Time is running out!

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