Hey everyone! I'm Rachel, I'm 14 years old and welcome to my account. I love Taylor Swift soooo much and I would like to tell you how I became a swiftie.

When I was in the second grade, I was 7 turning 8, my parents bought me the newest Tay album at the time it was Fearless. I automatically fell in love with her music. My love for Tylor didn't grow strong until 2011, when I was 10. That year I went to my first ever concert, on Taylors speak now tour. It was amazing and I never wanted it to end. After that my love for taylor and her music grew very strong, I started to hang up many posters of her up in my room and I just fell in love with her and her music.

When the red album was released I was so excited but upset my mom would not get it for me until the holidays. When I got it I was so excited! And later during the winter I received tickets for her concert! Early 2013, though I had already received tickets, I entered a radio show contest for a chance to meet Taylor! The only catch was in the contest I had to dress my dad as Taylor! It was hilarious!! IN the end I did not end up winning the contest but I felt very privileged to have gotten tickets.

The time the concert rolled around, May 12, I was so excited I just couldn't wait! I was going to the concert with one of my good friends and we were each wearing crazy outfits that I loved so much! We wore long socks, red tutus, hats, a puffy painted shirt, and we had drawn cat whiskers on our face and put red lipstick on! As well as my parents wearing shirts too! The concert was AMAZING and I was really upset when it ended.

Since past years my love for Taylor has grown a very large amount and I'm very pleased and excited to say that I was able o get tickets for the 1989 tour! it was so amazing! It is an honor and a privilege to earn tickets, especially considering the price. I am completely in love with all of Tays new songs on 1989 and her new direction of music. Yes she's been country most of her life, but the pop music she's created is fantastic! Taylor is my biggest inspiration and shes gotten me through so much weather she knows it or not. TAYLOR: I am beyond thankful o have you in my life thank you for all you do, love you forever and always.

I hope everyone is having or has a great day!

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