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Hi! I'm Kristine, 13 and I'm from Singapore. I love Taylor a lot. She's my no. 1 inspiration. I just fall in love with Taylor's songs all the time. There will never be a point where I'll be tired of her or her songs. She's just an awesome and talented person. So inspirational and she writes about my life. Even if they are love songs and i cant exactly relate them to love cus i am 13 and haven't had crushes, I can still relate those songs in another way:) I love that.
I am so happy to be part of Taylor connect and I am proud to be a swifty!!! Go swifties!! I love you guys!:)

Let me tell you about how I got to know the wonderful and inspirational Taylor swift. Back in 2009, when I was 10, my Best Friend kept talking about her alot. And in my mind, cus I was VERY ignorant, and listened to all the oldies music, I hardly new any of the uprising artists. I didn't even know who Justin Beiber was! Ok, so my friend kept on talking about her and I got really curious. Once, during recess, my other friend played love story on the piano for my class and everyone sang along. All of them knew the words but I was totally lost! I was like, What is going on??? It so happened that my cousin was in town, and I told her everything my friend had told me. The next day, after shopping, she came home with the fearless CD! I was really excited:) From then on, I was hooked onto the songs. At that time, I loved her music and knew the lyrics by heart. I didn't really Fan girl over it. I just loved the songs. So since I loved the Fearless Album, together with my friend, we called ourselves Swifties. But little did I know the background of this wonderful and talented singer, little did I know what each song meant, little did I know that they carried a story......

In 2010, I got the Speak Now album. I loved it too. But I was still really blur. I tried to know by heart the lyrics to every single song. I went to her Speak Now concert in Singapore, on 9 Febuary 2011. It was an amazing night. I didn't scream or anything. (I don't usually scream when I'm excited. Don't ask why. It's just me:) I guess...) But throughout the concert, I just sat there in awe and felt the whole atmosphere. That was flawless. I went home contented.

Two years later, in the year 2012, I was looking at some YouTube videos when I felt bored and randomly decided to search on taylor swift. And the suggested video showed a two minute preview on Taylor swift's younger days. Curious, I clicked on it and I was then mesmerised by it. It just showed me how taylor grew from a beautiful young girl to a matured and sensible artist. I then realised how talented she was. I continued researching about her and watching videos on YouTube like her 16 Part Biography, Interviews and concerts. All this research paid off and I began to increase my knowledge of Taylor swift. She then became my source of comfort and inspiration. On the days when I felt down and upset, I knew I had Taylor and her songs to comfort me. She always made me happy in every way. Now to this day, I strongly believe that Taylor is a a truly talented person and now I consider myself as a TRUE AND OFFICIAL SWIFTY. I was a swiftie who understood my place in Taylor's music and a place in this world. Taylor is truly the spark of my life. She's the one who gives me the will-power. I will WITH ALL MY HEART support Taylor for the rest of my life. And I can now proudly say I am a swiftie. A true swiftie. I am so glad I got an account in TC. This is where I can connect with thousands of fans from all over the world. This is where I know I can share my dreams and passions, knowing that there are many who agree and understand me. I love TC.:) This is my story of how Taylor became a BIG part of my life

Here's a little more about me:
I am a normal and yet unique 13 year old. I think so myself. I think my life is pretty cool when I have Taylor to be part of it. I'm a Singaporean from birth but of mixed blood. I'm half SINGAPOREAN Chinese and half Danish. I've got blonde hair. And I'm proud of that. I think that's special and unique;) Well, at least for being half Asian and living in a country like Singapore:)

I love Singapore and my school. I think all my friends understand me and appreciate that I love Taylor. I've got some swifties in my class and they are all really special. It's so nice to be in an environment where I know I belong.

School in Singapore can be stressful. Exams and acedamic results are so important here. It determines your future. Your results determine which Scondary school (high school) you go to and which junior college you go to and which university you go to. Going to the best schools in Singapore is really difficult especially when everyone is so competitive. But in a way it's good. It keeps you moving, it keeps you going and it keeps you occupied. But sometimes, you feel you need a break and that's why I love holidays:) As much as I love Singapore, I sometimes wonder how it would be like if I had lived somewhere else. I wonder if life would be totally different from now. The challenges I face would be different I guess.

I'm a dreamer. I love to dream and have ambitions and goals. There are alot of things I wanna be when I grow up. I wanna be a poet, writer or a dancer. I write alot of poems during my free time. Writing poems comfort me and help me get rid of all my worries and fears. The poems I write about are basically about different phrases of my life that I am going through, like various scenarios that have a big impact on me. The poems I write is basically like my diary. I am not really consistent when it comes to writing my diary cus after a while it gets mundane and therefore I use poetry to discribe my feelings. If anyone would like to check out some of my poems, they are on my blog:) Please check them out and comment! That would mean alot to me:)

I also dream of being a dancer. I love to cheorograph my own dance moves. The songs I pick are Taylor swift songs. I have OFFICIALLY completed the dance to Red. I'm so excited! I have also started on songs like WANEGBT, Long Live, Enchanted and I Knew You Were Trouble but they are not entirely complete yet. I hope to choreograph more dances and maybe even go to a dancing school. Maybe someday I could tour with Taylor as one of her dancers! That would be a dream come true! I don't know how I'm gonna acheive it but that's just a dream, a goal.

Another thing that I really wish for and dream of everyday, is to meet Taylor. That would mean the world to me! It would be a dream come true if I could just meet my role model and inspiration! The one who drives me to acheive my dreams! She's the one who made me appreciate and understand how important the lyrics to a song is. She's the one who told me that being different is ok. She's the one who told me never to give up even if the choice or goal you are working for doesn't seem to be going as you planned. She's the one who changed my life and perception of things. That's why I want to meet her and tell her what she has done for me. If only that day would come.... I know it will..., but all that matters is whether that dream would come sooner or later. I hope it comes quickly!

Here's more about my hobbies, passions, dreams and what I love:)

I love to:
- Listen to Taylor's songs
- Play the piano
- Read
- Write stories and poems
- I love literature, English, maths and science
- Dance and sing
- Dream about my goals and ambitions
- Have a good meal:)
- Be a swifty:)
- Support Taylor for the rest of my life:)

My biggest problem:
- I worry too much

My guilty pleasure/obsession:
-converse shoes

My favourite things:
Colours: Blue, Purple, White, Green
Food: Italian cuisine
Taylor swift songs: Long Live, Enchanted, Ronan, WANEGBT, Begin Again, Red, I Knew You Were Trouble
Taylor swift album: Speak Now
Animals: Rabbits and horses

My biggest dreams:
- To be a writer or poet
- To be a dancer (Perhaps dance in one of Taylor's concerts)
- Meet Taylor:):):)

Some graphics and pictures:) Sorry if I had to put up so many but I just love them all! Btw, I do not own any of these graphics! So credit goes to those who made them:)

[url=http://www.glitterfy.com/][img="http://img41.glitterfy.com/12277/glitterfy2053928T548B81.gif" alt=""]

I used to be BeginAgainRed1399

I'd be doing this and jumping up and down if I found out that I was going to Taylor's concert.

I love to see Taylor dance!

I wish Taylor touched my hand...

How can this sweetheart be more amazing?

This is a really long profile. Thanks for taking your time to read it. I admire that. Thanks for visiting my profile:) Feel free to add me as friend! I love to make new friends and talking to swifties:)
P.S: I'll try to make regular updates^^)
And I tend to change my username sometimes..
Do check my blogs!!!!:):)
Have a good day!^^)

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    Haha it's fine! Yeah I am, I don't use it all the time but I try to get on there regularly! Follow me: @M_Baker_13

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    Well, I finally had a day off of work. But lots of new things happening lately. Like meeting new people, seeing my friends who are home from school for a few days, and I just bought a new car which was a big step! How about you? :)

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    it's okay! I've been busy too! I'm ok,how are u?

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    Hey! its alright! look at me, I haven't replied to you in 2 months! it's worse! haha. yes and I loved it! and have you seen the everything has changed music video?:)

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    I ended up applying for a few jobs and I chose to work in the sales department of the gym I work out at. It's exciting but hard all at the same time. And I work a ton of hours there so it gets tiring...

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