^credit to SparklyFearlessGirl13

^my two favorite country singers!
I love Taylor Swift so much, that I told my mom for my 13th birthday I wanted to go to Nashville to see all the music stuff! We didn't end up going but we are going over my Spring Break! :D I'm pretty excited about going.

I listen to Taylor's music so much that my brothers can probably sing some of her songs! I even made my mom a fan! When we are driving in the car, as soon as a Taylor Swift song comes on, my mom imediatley turns it up because she knows if she doesn't, I will! :)

^credit to KellyLuvsTaylor13

^credit to KellyLuvsTaylor13

^made by Withsomeindierecord

^made by swiftly fan13

^made by SparklyFearlessGirl13

^credit to im feeling 22

^made by mizzy

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    Thanks for friend request! I'm enchanted to meet you! Whats up? :)

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    Thank you for the friend request! How are you? xx

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    I love sports we should talk!

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    If you have the chance could you please check out http://swiftasticmacinemma.webs.com/, and share it? Have a Swiftastic day!
    xoxo, Maci and Emma

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