This is really cute, so I don't want to change it, lol. But this is the updated version. I'm now 16, and I'm still completely obsessed with Taylor Swift. Anyways, I hope you all having a beautiful day. :)))

I used to be Singingmaniac1999 but now i'm TheLuckyOneIsMe13 i hope you like my new username! :D
Made by.Tanyaxoh

Hi my name is Samantha! I live in Ohio and I live and breath Taylor Swift.Some things you should know about me is I'm a Lefty,My favorite food is Chinese,My Favorite colors are Pink,Blue,and Sparkles,And my Favorite Animal is a Dolphin.I absolutely adore the Fall it's my favorite season just something about it seems so magical.I am 13 years old and my birthday is October 18 and I'm so excited to have turned 13! I Love music with all my heart ,I play the Guitar and sing and I love to write songs. My dream is to be become a Professional Singer and Songwriter just like her.I actually won my schools talent show for singing "Mean" and I got first place!Taylor is the one who can put a Smile on my face when I'm Sad,Mad,and Feeling Lonely.And I love her for that! One day I hope to meet Taylor Swift because she's a beautiful person Inside and Out.

~ Samantha~

P.S. I love Taylor Swift more then I love sparkles and having the last word! :)
Made by the wonderful ILoveTaylorSwift13

My first song writting contest entery and win many more to come soon! :D Thank you so much SwiftieKat again

Made by the one and only ShadowsInAFadedLight

I love this gif

Go request from ShadowInAFadedLights Shop like now!! :P

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    On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 7:19 PM, MarleenBorn1989 said:

    Hi Samantha, I'm from Germany and my Birthday is on..... October 18th ;) hihi

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    hi samantha!!how are you??

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    Your profile is SO pretty! <3

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    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep getting back on while Im asleep :( :P :) x

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