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My first experience with Taylor happened in 2009 at my school talent show. These girls performed "Love Story" with just an acoustic guitar and their lovely singing voices. At the time, I sort of knew the song because it played on the radio sometimes, but it was these girls' rendition that convinced me to listen to not just Love Story, but to other Taylor songs, such as Teardrops on My Guitar. From then on, I was a hardcore Swiftie who never went for a single day without listening to Taylor's music. I fell in love love love with not just Taylor's beautiful music, but also with her captivating personality. My love of Taylor has also spread throughout my family. My mom and younger brother love her, too, and my cousin listened to my Fearless Platinum Edition so often when I lent it to her that I gave her my Fearless Standard Edition to keep. And now she loves Taylor too:)

I CANNOT stand it when people and the media say derogatory things about Taylor just because of her relationships (e.g."Taylor is a s*** because she's dated so many guys), like come on, Y'ALL JUST JEALOUS!!! I try really hard to respect other people's opinions, but sorry, them saying that about Taylor just drives me crazy. Also, I hate it when people call Taylor fake just because of her good girl persona, blah blah blah...seriously, there's nothing wrong with being a good example for the public! In fact, Taylor's one of the best celeb rolemodels for people today! I will ALWAYS lovelovelove Taylor no matter what anyone says!

Besides Taylor, I love Hello Kitty, vintage clothes, Disney, Spongebob, playing guitar, singing, reading, Super Smash Bros., food, and scaring the living daylights out of people with scary pop-up videos (even though I'm REALLY scared of them myself!).

I honestly don't know what I'd be like now if I hadn't discovered Taylor three years ago. I guess I'll never know:)

Long Live Taylor Swift

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