Hi, thanks so much for visiting my profile. I like to think that I'm like Taylor but I;m not my friend thinks I am though. I really like to meet new people, I like to see new places, learn new things, and a lot more. I will tell you more about me a little bit farther down because I have a lot I like. I believe that all Taylor fan are equal, to em it doesn't matter how many Cds or poster you have. I don;t care if you have tickets and someone else doesn't we're equal. That's my opinion you can have a different one though. I wish in life it was easy, but no matter what you go through it's always worth the drive. I promise. I really love Taylor Connect just a lot of people fight over silly things! I wish that would end. Here on Taylor Connect I'm not famous at all. So if you read this all thanks. You didn't have to but you did so that mean a lot to me.

I personally have a lot that I like so this might take awhile.
I love to write songs, I like winter nights with a starbucks chai latte, I really like summer night catching lightning bugs it gives me a feeling inside that makes me really happy. I like to have cozy things by me at all times. I love Taylor she helps me get through things. There is a lot mre things that I like but I can't name them all.

I have these dreams. I don't know if they will come true though. I would like to be a model or something I am pretty young so I still have awhile. I want to get married and have a few kids i guess. I'm not sure though because I can't really plan my life because it happens the way it happens. But right now I have two dogs and a rabbit. I am really happy right now though so I'm okay.

Well now you know about me next is my Taylor story!

So when i first found about Taylor it was 2008 at new years eve so it was kind of 2009. But when i really found out about that i really loved Taylor was February it was my school talent show and some one did a dance to love story after school i went to Walmart and bought it. So that is my story!

Be yourself! Don't forget to be happy with yourself you're here for a reason you have a plan you just don't know it yet! If you don't think someone loves you. You are completely wrong. I love you!

Feel free to message me, comment,friend me, and thanks for read all of this it means the world.
love love love,

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    Add me ?

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    No problem thanks for accepting it!!!

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    You're welcome! I really love them!

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    You're welcome! How are you? GREAT profile! I love your graphics! :)

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    Your welcome :)

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    I like your username!

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    you're welcome :)

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    Hey there!
    We just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves and our show to you! We're four Swifties (two of us were previously hosting on Taylor Talk : The Taylor Swift Podcast ) who really love Taylor and have decided to create Swiftcast : A Taylor Swift Podcast By Fans, For Fans so that we could not only support Taylor, but support SWIFTIES as well!

    We record and produce our show weekly, and its FREE to subscribe to and download on iTunes! We not only strive to keep you up to date on all the latest things going on with Taylor, but we want to keep you up to date on what's going on in the FANDOM as well; we really want to include YOU in our show!! We want to hear YOUR opinions, we want to talk about stuff YOU want to hear, we want YOU to participate!

    On our fourth episode, and we brought on two special guests who were picked for Club Red and they tell us all about it! In our THIRD episode, and we were lucky enough to have gotten an Interview with KEVIN MCGUIRE who talks about his ACM experience with Taylor. He also talks about his incredible fight with lukemia and tells us all how YOU can help by donating bone marrow.

    We do a LOT of Giveaways, so you can listen to the show and also check out our website to see how YOU can enter to win Taylor Merch, iTunes Gift Cards and more! Follow us on twitter at @swiftcast13 for lots of updates on our latest Giveaways, special guests, and more! We periodically play 'Taylor Trivia' on our twitter for prizes like RED stickers, glowsticks and more, and we do monthly Twitter Giveaways; our June Giveaway is KEDS themed with a magnet, shoelaces and a KEDS poster.

    We want to hear about YOUR fan projects so we can talk about them on the show and help you get the word out!! Contact us (all methods of contact are listed on our website) if you're working on a special project you want us to talk about!

    Has Taylor inspired you in a really unique way? Email us and tell us about it, we may read your email the show!!

    Thanks for reading this! We look forward to getting to know you and we hope you check out the show!!

    <13, Ashley, Belle, Emily and Haley
    [email protected]

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    I can understand :)

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    Tough question, haha :) Well, school isn't going to be over yet, still another 2 weeks and I'm hoping to go to the beach this weekend and get a suntan cause it's like I'm the only one in town (I'm quite light skinned anyhow) who hasn't got a suntan:((( since I was in germany for a month where it was raining while they were all out in the sun! haha :) What about you?? doing anything interesting?? :)

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